Tyk v3.1.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-12-01 // over 3 years ago
  • Tyk Gateway 3.1.1

    • πŸ›  Fixed GraphQL query depth when per API limits used #3290
    • It now possible to disable Circuit Breaker β€˜half-open’ state using disable_half_open_state gateway option. Read more here https://tyk.io/docs/planning-for-production/ensure-high-availability/circuit-breakers/ #2673
    • By default Tyk normalize your HTTP headers case. Now you can disable this behavior using ignore_canonical_mime_header_key config option. https://tyk.io/docs/tyk-configuration-reference/tyk-gateway-configuration-options/#ignore_canonical_mime_header_key #3249
    • πŸ›  Fixed do not track middleware. When applied to an endpoint, it is no longer recorded (this includes logs, api activity analytics, endpoint popularity analytics) #3381
    • πŸ›  Fixed leaking traffic between the Tyk components and Redis cluster nodes when Redis 6 is used.
    • Fixed Gateway crash when disable_management_poller is used #3350
    • JWT middleware follows the spec and now expects JWK certificate x509 in standard der encoded format instead of PEM #3212
    • βœ… Fixed uptime checks when multiple segmented gateway groups connected to the same Redis. Each cluster now should have uptime_tests.poller_group set https://tyk.io/docs/planning-for-production/ensure-high-availability/uptime-tests/#initial-configuration #3321 #3357 TykTechnologies/tyk-docs#1457
    • πŸ›  Fixed panic when having a high number of requests due to concurrent map writes #3274
    • Added a new config option drl_enable_sentinel_rate_limiter to enable Redis Sentinel algorithm as a fallback for Distributed rate-limiting algorithm #3298
    • πŸ‘· Worker gateway in the multi-datacenter environment now should properly start if MDCB component is down. #3285
    • πŸ”¨ This refactors EnsureTransport function for properly ensuring transport is present on the host when load balancer is enabled.
    • πŸ›  Fixed load balancing when custom "protocol" is set #3329
    • πŸ›  Fix panic for API health check endpoint (not related to Gateway Healthcheck) #3223
    • πŸ›  Fix loading open tracing using ENV variables #3147
    • Worker gateways in a multi-datacenter environment now can have configurable key events polling time via slave_options.key_space_sync_interval (e.g. how fast it reacts to key changes in management layer). #3059
    • πŸ›  Fix detailed recording of response payloads for errors #3208
    • πŸ›  Fix using JSVM with nested metadata (like keys generated via developer portal) #3231

    Tyk Dashboard 3.1.1

    • πŸ›  Fix bug when UDG API not get saved when the user navigates away from schema editor
    • πŸ›  Fixed API URL in GraphQL Documentation in the portal
    • API search now returns results when only part of the word match
    • πŸ›  Fix API listing when you have more than 100 APIs
    • The approve button for key approval was having a theme blank which made it look like the button is missing, this fix makes changes theme to success to display the button
    • πŸ›  Fixed broken navigation to user edit page from the top menu bar of the Dashboard.
    • πŸ›  Fixed issue with Keys and Policy pages, when dashboard hostname is not available from the machine where Dashboard is running.
    • πŸ›  Fixed blank page/console errors on Uptime Targets page
    • Prevented Dashboard panics when Key was created using invalid Policy ids.
    • πŸ›  Fixed missing developer information on Key request details page
    • πŸ›  Fix APIs and Policies synchronization when using Tyk Sync. Should be used together with Tyk Sync 1.2
    • πŸ›  Fix developer portal analytics when hashed keys are used
    • πŸ›  Fixed built-in Dashboard SSO when dashboard has multiple instances behind a load balancer
    • Email used during SSO flow now case insensitive
    • πŸ›  Fixed propagation of basic auth keys on worker gateways in a multi-datacenter environment.
    • πŸ›  Fixed developer token revocation in a multi-datacenter environment.

Previous changes from v3.1.0

  • ⚑️ SAML support, GraphQL and Universal Data Graph updates, new secure way to request keys via the developer portal, and much more!

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