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Please note visualCaptcha is no longer actively developed. It still works and should continue to, but it won't be improved by the initial team anymore. Any PRs will be reviewed and accepted if beneficial, though. Also any help necessary for existing versions setup will likely be provided by Bruno Bernardino

visualCaptcha is a configurable captcha solution, focusing on accessibility & simplicity, whilst maintaining security. It's also localizable and free, open-source, and we encourage customizations per site.

It also supports mobile, retina devices, and has an innovative accessibility solution.

It's licensed under MIT, but you can reach us if you want other licenses.

visualCaptcha supports many back-end and front-end languages/frameworks/libraries, which you can look into in more depth below:

Official demos and packages (built by Bruno Bernardino & Clevertech)

Please note each have their own version numbers.

We're calling this new version of visualCaptcha "5.0", even though some of these packages and versions start at 1. It's just internal nomenclature (there were previous visualCaptcha versions that weren't open sourced or even built like this).

Full-stack demos / implementations

These are samples/demos of how you can integrate visualCaptcha with multiple combinations of the front-end/back-end packages.

Languages Build Status
PHP & jQuery Build Status
Node.js & Vanilla JS Build Status
Ruby & Angular.js Build Status
PHP & jQuery Multiple Captchas Build Status
Django & Vanilla JS Build Status

There's also a Meteor integration, but it's deprecated and outdated, no longer maintained officially.

Back-end packages

These are the stand-alone back-end packages, available in different package managers, for the different back-end languages. These will usually not need to be changed/customized by you, but you'll need them to implement visualCaptcha.

Language Manager Build Status
PHP Composer/Packagist Build Status
JavaScript/Node.js NPM Build Status
Ruby RubyGem Build Status
Python Pypi/PIP Build Status

There's also a Meteor/Meteorite back-end package, but it's deprecated and outdated, no longer maintained officially.

Front-end packages

These are the stand-alone front-end packages, available in bower, for different libraries/frameworks. These will usually not need to be changed/customized by you, but you'll need them to implement visualCaptcha.

Library/Framework Codacy Analysis
Vanilla JS Codacy
jQuery Plugin Codacy
Angular.js Directive Codacy

These are all built by the Front-end Core Repo repo, so if you wish to contribute to any of the front-end packages above, that is the repo to contribute to.

Full-stack Plugins

These are plug-ins for popular CMS' that are plug-and-play.

Unofficial versions (created by community members)

Please note we don't maintain these and some might be outdated. Use at your own risk.

Want more?

Yeah, this repo exists only to be a place to list all other repos.

If you find value in this, please consider donating a dollar.

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the visualCaptcha README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.