Weechat v2.6 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-09-08 // 15 days ago
  • 🆕 New features

    • 👍 core: add support of 32767 color pairs (issue #1343, issue #1345)
    • core: add option "close" in command /window (issue #853)
    • api: add infos "term_colors" and "term_color_pairs"
    • 👉 api: add function list_user_data (issue #666)
    • api: add argument "strip_items" in function string_split
    • buflist: add infolist "buflist" with list of buffer pointers (issue #1375)
    • 0️⃣ exec: evaluate option exec.command.shell, change default value to "${env:SHELL}" (issue #1356)
    • fset: add filters "h=xxx" and "he=xxx" to filter options by description (translated or in English)
    • irc: make command char optional in server option "command" (issue #615)
    • irc: add variables "user_max_length" and "host_max_length" in server structure (issue #1387)

    🐛 Bug fixes

    • core: use fixed-width integer for computing nick and hashtable DJB2 key hashes, add values "djb2_32" and "sum_32" for option weechat.look.nick_color_hash (issue #1394)
    • ⚡️ core: create or update option weechat.notify.xxx when function buffer_set is called with "notify" property (issue #1390)
    • 🏗 core: fix memory leak in case of error when building content of bar item for display (issue #1384)
    • 🔌 core: send command line parameter to plugins only if the name starts with the plugin name followed by a colon
    • ⬆️ core: auto disable upgrade process (command line option "--upgrade") if the file weechat.upgrade is not found
    • core: replace newlines by spaces in argument "completion" of function hook_command (issue #538)
    • core: replace char "," by "~" in color codes to separate foreground from background (issue #1264)
    • 🚚 alias: remove default aliases /AME and /AMSG (issue #1355)
    • buflist: use extra variables in option buflist.look.display_conditions (issue #1393)
    • 📜 irc: fix parsing of messages 346 (invite list), 348 (exception list), 367 (ban list) and 728 (quiet list) when there is a colon before the timestamp (issue #1396)
    • irc: fix memory leak when removing a server
    • irc: fix length of user/nick/host in split of messages (issue #1387)
    • irc: quote NICK command argument sent to the server only if there's a ":" in the nick (issue #1376, issue #1319)
    • irc: return all arguments in the PONG response to a PING (issue #1369)
    • irc: disable server reconnection when the server buffer is closed (issue #236)
    • irc: strip spaces at beginning/end of addresses in server option "addresses" (issue #195)
    • irc: fix display of enabled/disabled client capabilities received in command CAP ACK (issue #151)
    • 💎 ruby: fix conversion of big integers on 32bit architecture (issue #1395)

    ✅ Tests

    • ✅ unit: add tests on IRC ignore, message and nick functions

    🏗 Build

    • core: fix compilation with autotools on FreeBSD 12.0
    • 🔌 debian: disable Javascript plugin on Debian Buster/Bullseye (issue #1374)
    • 0️⃣ python: compile with Python 3 by default
    • python: use pkg-config to detect Python (issue #1382)



Previous changes from v2.6-rc2