Wiki.js v2.1.107 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-02-08 // 9 days ago
  • 🔄 Changes:

    • 📄 a7b2b31 fix: disable API docs editor for 2.1
    • 966da1f fix: hide renew cert button if https inactive
    • 👕 1b4d814 fix: code linting auth.js
    • 48ea692 fix: list items spacing + lang menu max-height
    • ff5acba fix: redirect to previous path after login
    • 1fc786e fix: redirect home to login only if guest
    • 7d23344 fix: page rules role check (#1447)
    • a694d26 fix: hide new nav for 2.1
    • e68932a feat: purge local repo action for git module
    • b1c7eda feat: add ssh port override option for git module (#1432) 👀 See More f4e3fd0 feat: tags autocomplete in page properties a1e0e4f fix: hide new page button when path not available (#1394) 🏗 7ab16e2 fix: disable SRI at build time 9c40975 fix: missing pagination on search results (#942) 👕 9f16d3e fix: code linting ⚡️ 208b816 misc: update dependencies ad3a6e1 fix: rtl list bullet symbol 0️⃣ 1914d40 fix: set rtl correctly if default lang is non-rtl 429c267 fix: list formatting multiline with fancy bullets (#1406) b82c788 feat: add Page Rules For Matching Tags (#1418) 4e9d407 fix: clear new password in admin user edit 22fa5c9 fix: handle migrations .js naming 4dc7e05 fix: migration for pageHistory content column type 1a4e96d fix: use monospaced font for code injection textareas 95e79a7 fix: auto beautify css injection in admin d0706b3 feat: ctrl + click save in editor to save and close 🛠 da86d8c fix: objection.js 2.0 compat fixes 🛠 8f52656 fix: objection.js 2.0 compat fixes ⚠ 3e991fa misc: dev mode warning on setup 988ba3f fix: objection 2 changes ⚡️ e7b5457 docs: update ae53484 feat: admin ssl - renew cert + toggle redirection btn 59a8e99 fix: diff2html css path 91e897c fix: admin contribute list + source permission ⚡️ c04eea9 docs: update 18b2f60 fix: unescaped code in markdown preview panel b18dd29 feat: browse page by ID e836a49 fix: light background in nested ckeditor unless dark mode (#1372) 1b749e7 fix: letsencrypt maintainerEmail c6933a2 feat: let's encrypt 73da73a fix: allow highlight color (#1365) 0d6562c feat: admin utilities - rerender all pages 6920a35 feat: visualize pages (dendograms) 4698afd fix: truncate pictureUrl if too long (#1311) 0755c53 fix: html rendering order param + decodeEntities edd11cd feat: make relative links root absolute option 661b604 feat: verify + activate + deactivate user from admin 📄 689313d docs: fix feedback link in 82376c1 fix: render system link detection resets on each find 🚚 1c60d98 fix: remove SRI from setup view template 📜 bb03aed fix: exclude tel: links from parsing #1318 (#1344) 3092615 fix: improve db error reporting for pg f172515 feat: accept db ssl config ⚡️ 89dc81a docs: update 📄 5973daa docs: fix dead link (#1336) ⚡️ 546e258 docs: update gh donate button ⚡️ 6cd1551 docs: updated README special thanks 0d6676c feat: SFTP storage module + sensitive field option 4a2f1d0 feat: azure blob storage provider + s3 rename fix 14c842f fix: rtl offset + list indent (#1326, #1327) f09f1f4 feat: delete a user 🔧 3b347f2 feat: save rendering configuration ⚡️ 9166e27 docs: update cb5264e fix: hide bullet on links and grid lists a257831 fix: rebuild-tree exceeds mssql parameter limit (#1328) a457e82 fix: getPagePath would include a trailing (#1323) (#1324) ⚠ aa5368b feat: katex + admin SSL UI (wip) + dev warning d407312 fix: list item formatting for lists with paragraphs (#1283) [#1282] 🔧 243840c fix: postgres engine to query using configured locale (#1269) ⚡️ 8d735c2 fix: admin pages sorted by "last updated" by default (#1271) [#1270] 🏗 fa52675 fix: arm dockerfile build step ⚡️ 8c79467 fix: update docker base image to 12.13 🏗 ce5aa3a feat: Dockerfile for arm builds ⚡️ 152fed6 docs: update 🔒 278cd71 feat: rendering security module ⚡️ 4fb08cb docs: update ⚡️ 208b651 docs: update docker-compose example ⚡️ 5d7509a feat: api docs editor (wip) + deps update 🚀 This list of changes was auto generated.

Previous changes from v2.0.12

  • 🔄 Changes:

    • 9e35126 fix: search hint display no results found error when empty (#1255)
    • f154f9c fix: markdown preview fails to load lang files for code blocks (#1162)
    • 🚚 3183014 fix: postgreSQL search engine error during page move (#1181)
    • 🍱 e35e68d fix: exclude assets from internal link detection (#1189)
    • 3d6b04f fix: handle email verification exceptions (#1227)
    • 49819b4 fix: missing write:pages perm for edit existing pages (#1228)
    • a72a7b1 fix: disable code block line break + copy button
    • ⚡️ c025a55 docs: update template
    • ⚡️ 4c75b4a docs: update template
    • 115472a fix: exclude non-class attributes from markdown rendering in editor preview (#1251) 👀 See More 46630e1 fix: allow target in markdown attrs (#1240) 70c3fc7 fix: admin system title text selection (#1247) ⚡️ 88b550b docs: update openshift example b19fb2a fix: wrong page title positioning in Safari (#1233) [#1221] e764e74 fix: markdown help dialog shown below editor 68200f5 fix: use https for plantuml (#1223) ⚡️ 600bd9d docs: update example docker-compose.yml ⚡️ 47db8a9 docs: update README 🚀 This list of changes was auto generated.