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  • v4.1 Changes

    July 04, 2020

    New update inbound! This one is focused on bug fixes and accessibility improvements. Subscriptions got its third iterative update as well, so we hope you enjoy those features as well. Since the last update, our Docker pulls have grown almost 600%, we're almost at 1 million now! Thank you everyone for your support, suggestions, bug fixes, and PR's. It's been amazing!

    πŸ†• New features

    • Subscriptions v3!
      • You can now use custom args and file outputs for subscriptions
      • Added ability to make subscription audio-only - thanks @Code-Slave for this suggestion!
      • Subscription videos are now stored in the DB, meaning the list of videos should load quicker and additional features like subscription video sharing can be added in the future
    • You can now input and use your YouTube cookies in YoutubeDL-Material using the new cookies uploader in the settings
      • This allows you to download private videos and playlists
      • It may prevent 429 errors from occuring for some users
    • πŸ†• New playlist modification dialog
      • Change the playlist name, the videos in the playlist, and their order. Thanks @bodzio4749 for inspiring this!
    • πŸ”’ Docker build now runs as non-root by default, adding an extra layer of security
    • πŸ‘Œ Support for the German language

    Minor additions

    • βž• Added Safe download override checkbox in the settings which will force the backend to use the safer downloading option
      • If you enable this override, you will lose the ability to see download progress
    • βž• Added ability to clear all downloads from a session in the downloads manager
    • 0️⃣ The ID for videos in the file manager will now by default use the youtube ID, rather than the file name - thanks @CountParadox for suggesting this!
    • Pressing enter in the URL input will now trigger a download
    • If you delete a video that was downloaded with a thumbnail, the thumbnail will autodelete as well - Thanks @GlassedSilver for recommending this!

    πŸ› Bug fixes

    • πŸ›  Fixed bug that prevented sharing videos with non-users if multi-user mode was enabled
    • πŸ›  Fixed bug that caused the server to crash when attempting to update youtube-dl
    • πŸ›  Fixed bug where updating a user's password would update the admin's password instead - thanks @UnlimitedCookies for finding this one!
    • πŸ›  @web-connect fixed a typo in the logger section of the settings, thank you!
    • πŸ›  Fixed several bugs preventing non-YT videos from download - thanks @CountParadox for submitting bug reports on this front!

    ⚑️ That's all for this update (hope I didn't miss anything). In the next update, we'll hopefully see a redesign of the home screen with a unified view of subscription and non-subscription downloads, focusing on providing a much stronger user experience. If you'd like to read more or provide input, you can see the issue here. Cheers!

  • v4.0 Changes

    May 06, 2020

    πŸš€ I hope I didn't keep you guys waiting for too long :) Here's the 4.0 release, so much has been added thanks to everyone's great suggestions and even a couple contributions which I always love to see. The docker image now has 160k pulls! Crazy stuff, thank you all for your support.

    Without further adieu, here's everything that's been added for v4.0:

    πŸ†• New features

    • Multi-user mode! Enable in the Main tab in the settings
      • You can now create users with passwords to protect your instance and keep your downloaded files nice and separate
      • Users of course have their own videos, subscriptions, playlists, etc.
      • Permissions system with 'user' and 'admin' roles which have their own permissions. In addition, per-user permissions can override the role's permission
      • Users and permissions are managed through the user management tab in settings
      • Passwords are protected using bcrypt, so no need to worry about your passwords getting leaked
    • Downloads manager!
      • Use the hamburger menu to access the new downloads manager. Here you will see all your downloads, their progress, and additional info/errors if available
      • Downloads are categorized per-device - Props to @nebula-it for this idea!
      • Download progress for each video is now visible, even on the home page - Thanks @mjpmme for the suggestion!
    • Arg modifier improvements
      • Args in the arg modifier now appear as chips which are removable
      • Args are under the hood delimited by a double comma ,, to avoid parsing errors, but the arg modifier takes care of this under the hood
      • Descriptions for args also appear as a tooltip for the chips
      • You can now skip using the adder and type your args in directly. You still get the useful autocomplete with arg descriptions to help you along the way

    Minor additions

    • 🐎 Frontend has been refactored to improve performance. Namely, the config is now centralized in one place so pages will load quicker without needing to retrieve the config again
    • You can now set a timestamp for shared videos so you can show your friends the best part of the videos you download
    • 🌲 Logging level for the server can now be set through the settings
    • 🐳 Docker file improvements including smaller image sizes and faster pulling due to caching - Thanks @SuperSandro2000 for these improvements!
    • βž• Added new environment variable YTDL_UMASK for setting the process umask value using a decimal value (only applicable to Linux/Docker) - Thanks @chimlm for the suggestion!
    • πŸ‘ Periscope and tiktok are now supported

    πŸ› Bug fixes

    • πŸ›  Fixed bug that caused the database to reset when subscribing to a channel or playlist - @Mattyfaz was instrumental in helping debug this!
    • JSON files for videos now carry the same permissions as the video itself (it used to be more restrictive) - Props to @GlassedSilver for finding this one!
    • βž• Added AtomicParsley to dependencies on Docker container to fix errors related to --embed-thumbnail - Thanks @GlassedSilver for the help figuring this one out!
    • πŸ›  Fixed bug that prevented locally saving files from occurring
    • πŸ›  Fixed bug that prevented the video player from appearing when multi-download mode was enabled. Thanks @chimlm for pointing this out!

    Beyond 4.0

    ⚑️ On a more personal note, I am starting an internship next week for this upcoming summer. If I'm slow to respond to issues during the day or updates take longer to come out, that's why. I also want to shift the focus of these next few updates to be less about features, and more usability and stability improvements. I think we've added quite a bit over the last few months, so it's time to clear up any kinks before moving forward.

    πŸ›  Since I'll be a bit busier, if anyone wants to get more involved coding-wise on the project, I'll be glad to get you started. Any help is always appreciated, even just suggestions and bug fixes make a huge difference (as the wall of text demonstrates above).

    πŸš€ Short-term, I'll be keeping a close-eye on any bug reports, and when they do come up, I'll make smaller bug fix releases (4.0.1, 4.0.2, etc.) to keep things running smooth. That's all I got for you, hope you guys enjoy this update.

  • v3.6 Changes

    April 11, 2020

    ⚑️ Major update incoming! This feature update includes the ability to update YoutubeDL-Material from the UI, streaming-only mode for subscriptions, and much, much more.

    πŸ†• New features

    • βž• Added the ability to update YoutubeDL-Material from the UI
      • Even better, you can downgrade from the UI as well! The last 5 versions are selectable
      • A backup of essential files is created and stored in the appdata/backups directory
    • Streaming-only mode!
      • Subscriptions can be created with "streaming-only mode"
      • Videos will not get downloaded, instead their stream urls will be periodically checked and stored
    • You can now share your downloaded videos!
      • Just hit the share button from the player for any non-subscription video
    • Settings menu has been redesigned
      • The redesign was made with performance and usability in mind
      • The 10+ expansion panels have been condensed into 4 tabs
    • There's now a public API! - Props to @gerroon for the suggestion!
    • πŸ†• New logging system!
      • Logs are now stored persistently in appdata/logs
      • Timestamp and log level are included (error, warning, info)
      • In the future the ability to select your log level is planned

    Minor additions

    • Downloaded file information is now stored in the database
      • This is not a breaking change. If you are on version 3.5 and update, a migration will add your previously downloaded files to the database automatically
      • This decreases the latency in retrieving files by about 50%, as the download directories don't need to be recursively searched
      • Enables the development of more features for files (sharing videos was made possible with this improvement)
    • ⚑️ youtube-dl binary updates should be much more reliable now. If you experience any issues with the auto updates, open up an issue and we'll investigate
    • Bookmarklet can now be set to "audio-only", meaning YouTube videos downloaded will be downloaded as mp3s

    πŸ› Bug fixes

    • πŸ›  Fixed major bug where docker installs failed - Thanks @maltokyo for the help solving this!
    • πŸ›  Fixed bug where downloaded audio files' names were improperly parsed, causing a streaming error
    • πŸ›  Fixed bug where toggling dark mode with the slider caused a mismatch between the slider value and dark mode

    What's next

    • ⚑️ The next update will likely be 4.0! The big feature I'd like to have is multi-user mode, where you can create users or allow registration
      • Every user will have their own set of videos, and perhaps some permissions too!
    • If you have any other ideas on what to include, be sure to create an issue! It's how most of the features find their way to implementation anyways :)
  • v3.5.1 Changes

    March 27, 2020

    ⚑️ Minor update coming up! It is mostly focused on bug fixes and UI improvements, with some other changes sprinkled here and there.

    πŸ†• New features

    • ⚑️ Dark mode has been updated! Background is now darker - @GlassedSilver was great help for the UI improvements in this update
      • Top toolbar in dark mode is now the same blue as in light mode.
    • ⚑️ About dialog now checks for updates for YoutubeDL-Material and will inform users when one is available
      • There have also been UI improvements to the about dialog to better organize the data


    Minor improvements

    • If no config exists, one will be auto generated
    • Top toolbar now has a drop shadow and is "sticky", meaning even if you scroll it stays at the top of the page
    • 0️⃣ Default top bar title changed to "YoutubeDL-Material"
      • Extremely subtle drop shadow has been added to the text as well
    • πŸ‘ Settings dialog has "Close" button when settings are unchanged, and "Cancel" when they have been to provide better user clarity.
    • πŸ”§ Archives for downloaded videos in the home page are now stored in the appdata/archives directory, split up by type (audio or video), with their associated blacklists included. In the future the path will be configurable
    • πŸ”„ Changed border rounding of Advanced download bar to fit more nicely in the home page
    • ⚑️ Updated file card UI download bars to be more consistent between screen sizes

    πŸ› Bug fixes

    • πŸ›  Fixed bug where if youtube-dl failed to update, the server would crash - Thanks @gerroon for finding this!
    • πŸ›  Fixed bug where simulated output path did not include the base directory (usually "audio/" or "video/")
    • πŸ›  Fixed bug where if multi-download mode was enabled, failed downloads would still appear as downloading
    • πŸ›  Fixed bug where in download-only mode, a reload was required to download another video
    • πŸ›  Fixed bug where if multi-download mode and download-only mode was enabled, videos failed to download
    • πŸ›  Fixed bug where updated an audio playlist would lead the URL to believe it was a video playlist
  • v3.5 Changes

    March 21, 2020

    ⚑️ Massive update inbound! Due to unforeseen circumstances I've had a lot more time to program, so we got this one a little earlier than planned :)

    πŸ†• New features

    • Subscriptions v2
      • Added the ability to search for videos in each subscription with a new search bar
      • You can also sort your videos by upload date, name, file size, and duration
      • You can now see information for each video downloaded, like it's file size, path, name, etc.
      • You can now download all the videos for each subscription with a convenient download button that grabs it all in a zip
    • You can now use youtube-dl's archive functionality system-wide (used to only be in subscriptions). Props to @GlassedSilver for the recommendation!
    • 🌐 Translations are now supported! Props to @UltraTV for the suggestion!
      • Check out the Translate wiki page to find out how to create your own translations. To try out the process, I translated the app into Spanish, so if you're a native speaker, head over into the settings menu and change your language to espaΓ±ol.
    • πŸ“Œ You can now put your settings menu behind a pin to prevent users from peeking through! Props to @ibrahimk157 for the suggestion!
    • πŸ‘€ There is now an About page where you can see additional information as well as the version - Props to @GlassedSilver for suggesting this!
    • πŸ‘ There is now Chrome, Firefox, and bookmarklet extension support!
      • Go into the settings menu and click on Extensions. There you will see links to the extension on your favorite platform. The bookmarklet is cross-platform and universal, so you can drag the included link into your bookmarks and use it on any youtube-dl supported site.
    • πŸ‘€ You can see details for each file downloaded in the file manager, like it's file size, name, path, etc.
    • 0️⃣ Config (default.json) and db.json have been unified into a new appdata directory.
      • This will make persisting settings/db data much easier when updating YTDL-Material, particularly on Docker. Docker install process has changed, though this change isn't going to break existing installs when updated, though migration is recommended.
    • βž• Added an args modifier dialog for youtube-dl global custom args in the settings, and custom args in the Advanced mode. Props to @GlassedSilver suggesting this!
      • You can search for args to add with their description included, or add them from a categorized menu. This should make adding or discovering youtube-dl args much simpler
      • Note that this is the first iteration of this dialog; I'll look to improving it over the next few updates.

    Minor additions

    • ⚑️ Youtube-dl now auto-updates on server start if an update is found. This will remove the long-term maintenance required for a manual update. Props to @GlassedSilver for recommending this!
    • MP3 files are now auto ID3-tagged - Thanks @LukasK13 for recommending this feature!
    • You can now use any external downloading agent (not just aria2c). You can find this in the Downloader settings.
    • 🐳 Docker installs no longer requiring setting of the config environment variables. It is now all done through default.json which is provided in the zip below through an automatically mapped appdata directory.
      • Also included are auto-mapped video, audio, and subscriptions directories
    • ⚑️ YT auth has been enabled. This isn't a "feature" per se because the functionality is actually broken on the youtube-dl side. I'll make an announcement once this is fixed in the following update, but for now it's been added silently in case it begins working again.
    • πŸ’» Subscription videos are now centered in the UI
    • ⚑️ UI of file cards has been updated to look nicer. In particular, they are now of all equal size and ratio with rounded borders on the bottom
    • ⚑️ Updated to Angular 9 and the Ivy compiler

    πŸ’₯ Breaking changes

    • 🐳 As mentioned above, the config directory has moved from config -> appdata. The directory for the db.json filed has moved from the root folder to appdata as well. This is especially relevant for non-Docker installs.

    πŸ› Bug fixes

    • πŸ›  Fixed bug where no subscriptions could result in a client error
    • πŸ›  Fixed a bug that prevented automatic downloads from working
    • πŸ›  Fixed a bug where youtube search API failed to enable when enabled through the settings
    • πŸ› Bug fixed by @Xanthus1: video playblack on custom paths resulting in an error during streaming. Major props for that find/fix!
  • v3.4 Changes

    March 10, 2020

    ⚑️ Major update incoming!

    πŸ†• New features

    • πŸ‘€ You can now subscribe to playlists and channels in a new subscriptions page! Access it in the hamburger menu in the top left. See additional details at the end of this changelog - Props to @GlassedSilver for the recommendation!
    • πŸ‘€ You can now change settings straight from the GUI! See image below:

    • You can now set global custom args for youtube-dl. These get applied to your downloads from the home page on top of the default args. If you are using the custom args input in the Advanced tab, these will get applied on top of those as well

    ⚑️ Minor updates

    • The expected youtube-dl command that will be run is now shown in the Advanced tab, labeled simulated youtube-dl command (enable Advanced download mode). If you are using custom args, this should help in figuring out which youtube-dl args you would like to use
    • πŸ‘ We now have a new icon! It should look better on dark backgrounds in particular - Props to @GlassedSilver again for discovering this specific issue!
    • ⚑️ Updated youtube-dl version

    πŸ› Bug fixes

    • πŸ›  Fixed bug that prevented quality settings from working - Props to @hjyoung1 for finding it!
    • πŸ›  Fixed bug that prevented the video player from being shown in certain versions of Chrome - Street cred to @mzch for helping me track it down!

    General information on subscriptions:

    • 0️⃣ You can set the check interval for how often the server will check for new videos in the settings. It currently defaults to 5 minutes.
    • In addition to a page where you can view your subscriptions, there is a subscription page to view a specific subscription. This will show the subscription's video files with a convenient search bar, along with the ability to view or delete specific videos.
    • Subscriptions only download video files. I will try to include the ability to download audio-only soon, but it couldn't make it to the first iteration of the subscriptions system.
    • 0️⃣ Archive mode is enabled by default. This saves which videos got downloaded in a separate archive folder in subscriptions/archive. It also allows you to permanently delete videos in your subscription. This can be exported from the subscription in the subscriptions page (click the subscription info). This archive functionality will eventually be extended (optionally) to all downloads.
    • βœ… In my testing, having a large amount of subscriptions with many YouTube videos in them led me to get this nasty error: ERROR: Unable to download webpage: HTTP Error 429: Too Many Requests. This means that YouTube isn't happy with all your requests to download, and they decided to cut you off. There are workarounds to this that I'm exploring, but most of them involve some amount of work from the user's end. Here are some related issue reports on the youtube-dl GitHub.
  • v3.3 Changes

    March 01, 2020

    πŸ†• New update, coming in hot!

    πŸ†• New features

    • βž• Added an "advanced download mode," which will allow you to set a custom output, and even use your own youtube-dl arguments. This defaults to off, so if you want to enable it you must do so through the config
    • πŸš€ URL parameters have been implemented, allowing you to automatically download a video specified in the URL. A chrome extension that takes advantage of this is included in the release
    • πŸ”¨ Major refactor that removed the need for a web server. The backend now serves the frontend as well, all through a single port

    ⚑️ Minor updates

    • The config has been changed slightly. Instead of "frontendurl" and "backendurl", it is just "url" with an additional "port" option
    • ⚑️ Updated the file card UI to be more responsive, particularly on mobile layouts where elements got cut off. Shoutout to @hjyoung1 for finding this!
    • Nodejs now compresses its responses

    πŸ› Bug fixes

    • πŸ›  Fixed an issue where the playlist items included their relative path
    • πŸ›  Fixed a bug where if multi-download mode was enabled, clicking on file card links did not work
  • v3.2 Changes

    February 27, 2020

    ⚑️ We got another minor feature update! This was mostly focused on bug fixes and getting docker support up and running, and a couple quality-of-life features.

    πŸ†• New features

    • You can now download multiple files at the same time! Make sure the allow_multi_download_mode setting is enabled and you should be good to go
    • Canceling downloads is now possible. Caveat: the video itself will still download in the background, but it will not redirect you once it completes. In the future the server will automatically delete a file if it's considered "canceled"
    • 🐳 Docker support added. Refer to README for setup instructions, it's quite simple!

    ⚑️ Minor updates

    • Adjusted tab button behavior in the file manager

    πŸ› Bug fixes

    • Downloading files should not fail when the file needed to be encoded. Creds to @DorianVasco for helping me track it down!

    I also laid the groundwork for an upcoming "Advanced mode," which will let you use things like custom youtube-dl arguments (or custom path!) when downloading a video.

  • v3.1 Changes

    February 24, 2020

    ⚑️ Minor feature update inbound! Mainly focused on UX and additional playlist functionality, with some bugs fixed here and there as well.

    πŸ†• New features

    • ⚑️ Playlists can now be rearranged and updated in case the original ordering did not suit you
    • Playlists can be created directly from the file manager as well from your list of download video/audio files
    • βœ… You can now select which downloading agent you would like to use to download the video. Currently, the only options are the default one (which is now used by default), or aria2c. We previously used aria2c, but additional testing showed that the default downloader performed better. You can view that data here

    ⚑️ Minor updates

    • βœ‚ Removed select outline from the video player as it was distracting
    • πŸ“± Thumbnail images are now loaded when the cursor hovers over the accordion (the UI element that says "Your audio files are here"). This is so that they can start loading before you expand it, making the page feel more responsive

    πŸ› Bug fixes

    • White space now does not appear when the file manager is expanded
    • Quality format loading spinner now only shows when the current URL's formats are loading
    • πŸ›  Fixed bug where missing thumbnails resulted in an error
  • v3.0 Changes

    February 21, 2020

    YoutubeDL-Material reaches version 3.0!

    ⚑️ This update brings a ton of new features (many suggested by @UltraTV!) that will enhance your Youtube downloading experience. Most, if not all of these are optional, so no worries if you wan't to skip some of these, you can customize it however you'd like.

    πŸ†• New features

    • 0️⃣ You can now select a quality level for Youtube videos (audio & video quality), defaulting to max quality
    • Youtube search functionality added, using the Youtube Data API. You need to generate an API key to use this feature, and you can find details about doing so here.
    • πŸ‘€ Playlist support added. For viewing playlists, a new player has been added. See next feature for more details.
    • πŸ†• New video/audio player added with playlist support allowing for easy in-app streaming of the downloaded content. New "favorite" button to save playlists and "save" button to download the playlist/single video
    • In download-only mode with the file manager disabled, downloaded files are now automatically deleted
    • πŸ’… The UI & colors have been updated to give YTDL-Material a unique and consistent style
    • Themes, including dark mode! Enable or disable in the config, and toggle between themes in the top toolbar

    ⚑️ Minor updates

    • ⚑️ Updated UI of the home page to be more responsive. Progress bar and file cards in particular were fixed for smaller devices
    • Audio-only checkbox state now persists between page reloads
    • Thumbnails now load dynamically to reduce webpage loading times
    • Routing added to separate the home page from the media player
    • ⚑️ youtube-dl node.js version updated
    • ⚑️ youtube-dl.exe Windows binary updated

    πŸ› Bug fixes

    • πŸ› Bug fixed where video/audio files that were downloaded after streamed didn't include a file extension
    • πŸ› Bug fixed where entering a stream and exiting back to the main app prevented download new videos

    Known issues

    • Downloading large playlists yields inconsistent results. Sometimes the playlists fail to download (I believe caused by a missing video), and sometimes it takes downloads to complete
    • πŸ’» On legacy browsers (e.g. IE 11), URL length is limited to just 2083 characters. This will limit playlists to be of length 20 or less on legacy browsers. For browsers like Chrome, this isn't an issue as the limit is ~32k characters (translating to a playlist size limit of ~400 or more)