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Changelog History

  • v1.6.09 Changes

    September 07, 2020

    ๐Ÿš€ Maintenance release

  • v1.6.08 Changes

    February 26, 2020

    ๐Ÿ‘Œ Improved install checks
    Bridge with later versions of SMF 2.0.x
    Provide themes with a method to use font icons
    Admin tools can run processes that take a very long time
    Coding cleanup and reliability improvement

  • v1.6.07 Changes

    October 13, 2019

    โฌ†๏ธ A minor upgrade with a few improvements/corrections.
    Estonian language added.

  • v1.6.06 Changes

    March 31, 2019

    ๐Ÿš€ With this release, the admin tools have become drop-in widgets. They provide better progress control for admin actions that may require a lot of time to complete. And a new tool can be added (much like plugins) just by placing it in a tools directory.

    โฌ†๏ธ There have also been corrections made in other areas that should warrant an upgrade to this version.

  • v1.6.05 Changes

    December 21, 2018

    ๐Ÿš€ The release covers a recently discovered reflected XSS vulnerability and includes various fixes for non-security related issues.

  • v1.6.04 Changes

    September 21, 2018

    ๐Ÿš€ Release of version 1.6.04

    โšก๏ธ Existing CPG 1.6.x installations will be able to use the inbuilt update mechanism.

    For easiest new installation, use the cpg_installer_stub. Place the file (unzipped) in the location where you would like the installation to be and access it with a web browser. The installer stub can also be used to upgrade an older version of CPG

    โšก๏ธ Since there could be compatibility issues with plugins or themes that you have been using that have not yet been updated for use with CPG 1.6.x, it is recommended to first verify their function with CPG 1.6.x in a test environment.