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Install Kasm Server in Proxmox LXC

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CryptPad is the zero knowledge realtime collaborative editor.
Featured Software solution // Category Office Suites


Thingsboard vs Thingspeak

Popular comparison
  • Thingsboard - Open-source IoT Platform
  • Thingspeak - An open source “Internet of Things” application and API to store and retrieve data from things using HTTP.

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Backdrop CMS v1.16.3

A new version of Backdrop CMS has been released
New Version

Concrete 5 CMS

An open source content management system.
Featured Software solution // Category Content Management Systems (CMS)

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Joplin v1.1.2

A new version of Joplin has been released
New Version


An open source project that provides a customizable and flexible web interface to the very powerful and highly scalable multi-platform voice switch called FreeSWITCH.
Featured Software solution // Category IPBX

9 Years of my homelab history in pictures (Updated from 6 year history)

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Top Stories
  • Self-hosting Wireguard, the simple way
  • Popular self hosted product, Caddy Server, acquired by Apilayer
  • How Nextcloud simplified the signup process for decentralization

Superset v0.37.1

A new version of Superset has been released
New Version


Tuleap is a libre suite to plan, track, code and collaborate on software projects.
Featured Software solution // Category OpenProject

Hugo v0.75.0

A new version of Hugo has been released
New Version

Piwigo vs Lychee

Popular comparison
  • Piwigo - Photo gallery software for the web, built by an active community of users and developers.
  • Lychee - An open source grid and album based photo-management-system.


CRM with a frontend designed as a single page application, and a REST API.
Featured Software solution // Category Groupware

Gitit vs PmWiki

Popular comparison
  • Gitit - A wiki program that stores pages and uploaded files in a git repository, which can then be modified using the VCS command line tools or the wiki's web interface. Supported markups include pandoc's extended version of markdown, reStructuredText, LaTeX, and HTML. Pages can be exported in a number of different formats, including LaTeX, RTF, OpenOffice ODT, and MediaWiki markup. Other features include: plugins, syntax highlighting, caching, ATOM feeds.
  • PmWiki - Wiki-based system for collaborative creation and maintenance of websites.

Ghost v3.33.0

A new version of Ghost has been released
New Version

Navidrome Music Streamer

Music Server and Streamer compatible with Subsonic/Airsonic.
Featured Software solution // Category mpd

Traccar vs OpenGTS

Popular comparison
  • Traccar - Java application to track GPS positions. Supports loads of tracking devices and protocols, has an Android and iOS App. Has a web interface to view your trips.
  • OpenGTS - Entry-level fleet tracking system. Supports variety of tracking devices and protocols. Comes with rich web-interface and reporting features.


An agile
Featured Software solution // Category Project Management

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Self-hosting Wireguard, the simple way

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Raneto vs PmWiki

Popular comparison
  • Raneto - Raneto is an open source Knowledgebase platform that uses static Markdown files to power your Knowledgebase
  • PmWiki - Wiki-based system for collaborative creation and maintenance of websites.


OpenOLAT is a web-based learning management system for teaching, education, assessment and communication.
Featured Software solution // Category Learning and Courses

Mastodon vs diaspora*

Popular comparison
  • Mastodon - A GNU Social-compatible microblogging server
  • diaspora* - Distributed social networking server.

diaspora* vs Friendica

Popular comparison
  • diaspora* - Distributed social networking server.
  • Friendica - Social Communication Server.

ActiveWorkflow v0.9.9.2

A new version of ActiveWorkflow has been released
New Version


Free and open-source social network for active citizenship.
Featured Software solution // Category Social Networks and Forums

Etherpad v1.8.5

A new version of Etherpad has been released
New Version