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Scout APM uses tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code so you know the exact line of code causing performance issues and can get back to building a great product faster.

Komga v0.134.1

A new version of Komga has been released
New Version


A glossy Matrix collaboration client for the web.
Featured Software solution // Category Synapse


Mullvad VPN with Wireguard in PFSENSE - Setup Guide with Screenshots

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ZoneMinder is a free, open source Closed-circuit television software application developed for Linux which supports IP, USB and Analog cameras.
Featured Software solution // Category Video Streaming

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Home of the Joomla! Content Management System
Featured Software solution // Category Content Management Systems (CMS)

widdler is a single binary that serves up TiddlyWikis.

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Online genealogy
Featured Software solution // Category Misc/Other

Monitoring 27kw Generac Generator with Raspberry Pi and Multimode Fiber

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Tellery lets you build metrics using SQL and bring them to your team. As easy as using a document. As powerful as a data modeling tool.
Featured Software solution // Category Analytics

Kiwix - Access Wikipedia (And More) With no Internet

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The most powerful headless CMS for Node.js — built with GraphQL and React
Featured Software solution // Category Content Management Systems (CMS)

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  • Nextcloud 23 is now available with better performance in Files and presenting Nextcloud Office!
  • Host your own Stratum 1 NTP (network time protocol) server using a $12 USD USB GPS to keep all your other servers synchronized
  • Kavita – self-hosted digital library which supports a vast array of file formats


🚀 A self-hosted startpage for your server. Easy to use visual editor, status checking, themes and tons more!
Featured Software solution // Category Personal Dashboards

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lazydocker - The lazier way to manage everything docker

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Code-Server v9.99.999

A new version of Code-Server has been released
New Version


Predictive AI layer for existing databases.
Featured Software solution // Category Misc/Other


🌻 The collaborative editing software that runs Wikipedia. Mirror from See for contributing.
Featured Software solution // Category Wikis


Open Source Data & Experience Management Platform (PIM, MDM, CDP, DAM, DXP/CMS & Digital Commerce)
Featured Software solution // Category Content Management Systems (CMS)

Self-Host your own Firefox Sync Server

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Free and open fair-code licensed all-in-one growth marketing & management software
Featured Software solution // Category Ticketing


GLPI is a Free Asset and IT Management Software package, Data center management, ITIL Service Desk, licenses tracking and software auditing.
Featured Software solution // Category Money, Budgeting and Management

filemanager v2.19.0

A new version of filemanager has been released
New Version


Dovecot mail server
Featured Software solution // Category Mail Delivery Agents