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Open-source customer engagement suite, an alternative to Intercom, Zendesk, Salesforce Service Cloud etc. 🔥💬
Featured Software solution // Category Custom communication systems


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Top Stories
  • The WireGuard tutorial that finally got me to convert from OpenVPN
  • A Beginners Guide to Self-Hosting. Am I missing anything?
  • Huginn:. Open source IFTTT

PostHog v1.27.0

A new version of PostHog has been released
New Version


Web based groupware server written in PHP, forum at
Featured Software solution // Category Groupware

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For extreme self hosters only

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The WireGuard tutorial that finally got me to convert from OpenVPN

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Shoop v2.13.0

A new version of Shoop has been released
New Version


The XWiki platform
Featured Software solution // Category PmWiki


NewsBlur is a personal news reader that brings people together to talk about the world. A new sound of an old instrument.
Featured Software solution // Category Feed Readers


We do Open Source ERP - Fast, Flexible & Free Software to scale your Business.
Featured Software solution // Category Enterprise Resource Planning

Huginn:. Open source IFTTT

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A Beginners Guide to Self-Hosting. Am I missing anything?

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A Guide to deploying Sish: A selfhosted alternative to ngrok

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Tuleap is a Free & Open Source Suite to improve management of software developments and collaboration. With a single web-based solution, project managers, developers & quality managers can easily build, deploy software projects.
Featured Software solution // Category OpenProject

Why self hosting is important

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Zentao is a lifecycle management for agile projects and open source!
Featured Software solution // Category Project Management

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Jeedom core

Software for home automation
Featured Software solution // Category Automation

Awesome Self Hosted Weekly » 260

Top Stories
  • New distro + server-stack + Desktop client I built that lets you backup to your RaspberryPi/server with history
  • The Working Principles of 2FA (2-Factor Authentication) Hardware
  • UPS Upgrade - APC SRT3000RMXLA Double Conversion

cube.js v0.28.4

A new version of cube.js has been released
New Version


Open source Home Automation System
Featured Software solution // Category Automation

Vector v1.7.33

A new version of Vector has been released
New Version


Koha is a free software integrated library system (ILS). Koha is distributed under the GNU GPL version 3 or later. ***Note: this is a synced mirror of the official Koha repo. Note: This project uses its own bug tracker, see to report a bug or submit a patch.
Featured Software solution // Category INTEGRATED LIBRARY SYSTEMS


Feature flagging and remote config service. Host yourself or use our hosted version at
Software solution Added by alexeboswell into category Continuous Integration


Sakai is a freely available, feature-rich technology solution for learning, teaching, research and collaboration. Sakai is an open source software suite developed by a diverse and global adopter community.
Featured Software solution // Category Learning and Courses


Tellery helps you explore, analyze and share analytics in one place. As easy as to use a notebook. As powerful as a data modeling tool.
Software solution Added by onesuper into category Analytics

Gitea v1.14.5

A new version of Gitea has been released
New Version


Indico - A feature-rich event management system, made @ CERN, the place where the Web was born.
Featured Software solution // Category Conference Management