Darwin Streaming Server v5.5.5 Release Notes

Release Date: 2016-01-23 // about 7 years ago
  • What's New with Darwin Streaming Server 5.5.5

    🚀 Darwin Streaming Server 5.5.5 is a new release containing open source submissions for the following issues:

    • Compilation problems using gcc 4 (Andreas Thienemann)
    • 👌 Support for SDPs created by VLC and Mpeg4IP (David Moore)
    • 🛠 Fix date display in DSS Web Admin (Maksym Veremeyenko)
    • 👍 Better support for streaming through NAT (Denis Ahrens)
    • 👍 Better support for running DSS on a multi-homed system (Denis Ahrens)
    • Relaying problems with VLC (Alessandro Falaschi, http://labtel.ing.uniroma1.it/opencdn/darwinp.html)
    • 🔒 A security fix for possible stack and heap overflow attacks in the StreamingProxy (CVE-2007-0748, CVE-2007-0749)
    • 🔀 A fix for sync sample searching on OS X.
    • A fix for an infinite loop when the server fails to bind to streaming ports.
    • An enhancement allowing RTSP requests to contain the hh:mm:ss format for the npt value (Fredrik Widlund)