GoatCounter v2.1.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2021-12-01 // about 2 months ago
  • ๐Ÿ›  Aside from a number of small fixes and improvements, major changes include:

    • ๐Ÿ‘Œ Support for translations; see https://www.goatcounter.com/translating for details how to translate GoatCounter.

    • โšก๏ธ The import path is now updated to use "zgo.at/goatcounter/v2" so that e.g. "go install zgo.at/goatcounter/v2" works. This should have been done with the 2.0 release, but I didn't realize how this all worked.

    • ๐Ÿ‘ The visitor counter now supports the start and end parameters and the JSON endpoint returns count as well, to get the total pageview count.

    • You can now make the dashboard viewable to anyone who has a secret token (e.g. https://mystats.example.com?access-token=5g4..)

    ๐Ÿš€ This release requires Go 1.17 to build.

Previous changes from v2.0.4

    • Deal with duplicate entries in the user_agents table in the migration instead of erroring out; mostly fixes a situation that could happen if you ran the broken migrations in 2.0.0 or 2.0.1.