InvoicePlane v1.5.10 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-01-19 // about 3 years ago
  • Short description :

    • ➕ added PHP 7.3 support
    • 👌 improved docker support
    • ⚡️ updates to latest Bootstrap v3
    • ⚡️ updated a lot of libraries (updated CodeIgniter amongst others)
    • ⚡️ updated a lot of dependencies

    ⚡️ Database Updates :

    • None

    Known issues/behaviours :
    👀 If you see this Error in your Chrome of FireFox Console:
    Known issue reload CSS and JS

    you have to force-reload (CTRL+F5) after being logged in.

    ⚡️ This happens because we updated a lot of dependencies and you will have to reload the files:
    🍱 /assets/core/js/dependencies.min.js
    🍱 /assets/core/js/scripts.min.js

    🔔 Notice: if you run IPv1 behind CloudFlare you will most likely have to clear the CloudFlare proxy Cache for these two files to take effect.

    If you did not reload the Files you will not be able to:

    • Click-To-Copy any Links
    • Click-To-Insert any variables into any Email template.

    So if you encounter any of these two issues, just reload the Page with Ctrl+F5