mayan-edms v2.7.2 Release Notes

Release Date: 2017-09-06 // over 4 years ago
    • 🛠 Fix new mailer creation view. GitLab issue #431. Thanks to Robert Schöftner (@robert.schoeftner) for the report and the solution.
    • Consolidate intial document created event and the first document properties edited events. Preserve the user that initially creates the document. GitLab issue #433. Thanks to Jesaja Everling (@jeverling) for the report.
    • Sort the list of root cabinets. Thanks to Thomas Plotkowiak for the request.
    • Sort the list of a document's cabinets.
    • Display a document's cabinet list in italics. GitLab issue #435. Thanks to LeVon Smoker for the request.
    • 🚀 Install mock by default to allow easier testing of deployed instances.