Passbolt v3.7.3 Release Notes

Release Date: 2022-09-27 // 6 months ago
  • 🔒 Security

    • PB-19090 Protect forms from spell-jacking attack

Previous changes from v3.7.2

  • 🛠 Fixed

    • 🔧 PB-18380 Let passbolt-configure script setup certbot for RHEL9 support
    • PB-16983 Handles the lack of permissions on image directory when deleting
    • 💻 PB-16898 Redesign download a supported browser to get started

    👌 Improved

    • ✅ PB-18650 Add a check on mysql status in order to run mysql commands only when it's ready in unit tests
    • 👷 PB-18664 Add retry logic to Gitlab CI jobs