Dogbin is a simple and sweet pastebin and urlshortener, originally based on hastebin by John Crepezzi, but now wielding a completely rewritten python backend and the most beautiful frontend ever (atleast out of the ones I made).

The API is written to be compatible with any haste client, but with some extended capabilites.

Programming language: Kotlin
License: MIT License
Tags: Pastebin     Pastebins     URL Shorteners     Url Shortener    

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dogbin - the sexiest pastebin and url shortener ever!

Sharing short code samples, logs, links or markdown notes is now easier than ever!


The easiest way to use dogbin, is from inside your browser. Type or paste your content into the text area on the homepage (ctrl + n), save it (ctrl + s) and copy the link. You can now share this link with whoever you want.

If you want to create a short url from a link, simply paste the link in the text field. You can now copy the resulting link and it will automatically redirect everyone.


You can edit your documents by clicking the edit button (or ctrl + e).

When you create your first document we will automatically create an (anonymous) account for you, so you will be able to edit your documents for as long as you keep our cookie. If you want a more permanent way to keep your pastes and edit them from multiple devices you can create an account. Pastes which you created before signing up will be automatically transferred to your account.

Custom URL

If you want to use a custom slug (the part after del.dog/) you can do so by entering your desired url in the Custom URL field.

Document lifetime

There is no explicit expiration time for documents on dogbin. Documents may however be removed at any time without notice.

Using from the command line

You can easily use dogbin from the command line with our official command line client inu.

API usage

The basic dogbin api is an extension of the hastebin API. Extensions include the ability to specify a custom slug, and the X-Api-Key header.

A more complete documentation and a full rest API (allowing for custom frontends) will be available soon.


dogbin is a product which actually values your privacy. We are almost fully compliant with the EFF DNT policy (our goal is to be fully compliant by January 2020). We only use cookies for authentication and (apart from editing) all website features should be usable with cookies disabled.

Please note that all documents are currently indexable by search engines.

Analytics are only collected when allowed by the useragent and our analytics platform (Simple Analytics) uses no cookies and guarantees full privacy. All our analytics are publicly available here.

You can get 1 month of Simple Analytics for free using my referral link.

Open Source

dogbin is fully open source and built on open source technology. All sources can be found on GitHub. You can easily deploy it yourself wherever you want.

News and Updates

You can join our Telegram Channel to get updates on maintenance and new features.


I'm running dogbin in my free time, and unfortunately servers aren't free. The traffic and required storage is continuously increasing (and thus also server cost). You can financially support me via GitHub Sponsors, Liberapay or PayPal.


You can contact deletescape here.