bitwarden_rs v1.17.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-10-10 // almost 2 years ago
  • 🆕 New docker multi database support and MySQL/PostgreSQL support for ARM 🎉

    Only one image: bitwardenrs/server

    👍 It contains support for SQLite, MySQL and PostgreSQL all in one! Supports AMD64, ARMv6, ARMv7 and ARMv8 (Aarch64), and all architectures support all database backends!.

    ⚡️ Note, the old separate images for MySQL and PostgreSQL will be kept updated for the time being, but it's recommended to migrate when possible.

    Which tag to use:

    • 🚀 bitwardenrs/server:latest: Tracks the latest released version (i.e., tagged with a version number). Recommended for most users, and generally the most stable.
    • bitwardenrs/server:testing: Tracks the latest commits to the source repository. Recommended for users who want early access to the newest features or enhancements. Generally pretty stable, but occasional issues are unavoidable.
    • 🚀 bitwardenrs/server:x.y.z: Represents a specific released version. Prefer to use latest to keep up-to-date.

    Note about ARMv6

    • 👀 Docker seems to have some issues with architecture detection on ARMv6, so if you have trouble in that case, use these tags instead: bitwardenrs/server:arm32v6, bitwardenrs/server:testing-arm32v6, bitwardenrs/server:x.y.z-arm32v6

    Alpine base

    • 👍 bitwardenrs/server:alpine, bitwardenrs/server:testing-alpine, bitwardenrs/server:x.y.z-alpine: Functionally the same as the above images, but based on Alpine instead of Debian, which results in a smaller image. Only supported for SQLite and the AMD64 and ARMv7 architectures.

    🔄 Changelog

    • 🐳 Docker alpine image now also works for armv7.
    • 🐳 Docker MySQL and PostgreSQL images now also work on armv6, armv7 and armv8-64.
    • 🏗 Multiple database support, now you can compile with cargo build --features sqlite,mysql,postgresql or any combination of them.
    • Now the initial database connection doesn't fail instantly when there's an error, but retries for up to 15 times by default, adjustable with the DB_CONNECTION_RETRIES option.
    • Sessions are properly invalidated now when changing email, password or kdf parameters.
    • Items are not shown to organization admins in their user view when they don't have their collection selected. Note that they still appear in the organization view.
    • 👍 Allow multiple SMTP auth mechanisms.
    • Favorite status in organization items is now tracked at the user level.
    • 🛠 Fix admin page when DOMAIN is not configured, or configured incorrectly.
    • ⚡️ Update web vault to 2.16.1
    • ➕ Add vendored_openssl feature, to statically link OpenSSL, disabled by default.
    • ⚡️ Updated dependencies and synced global domains file with upstream.

Previous changes from v1.16.3

    • 🛠 Fixed mysql and postgresql releases not building correctly
    • ➕ Added support for restricting org creation to certain users: Examples
    • 🔀 Syncronized global_domains.json with upstream