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  • v1.11.6-alpha.1 Changes

    December 29, 2017

    ✅ This is an unstable version meant for testing purposes only. Please DO NOT USE IN PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENT. Report issues in the Issues tab. Thank you for contributing to Chamilo.

    📚 See changelog for this version here:

    Esta es una versión inestable con el objetivo de permitirle hacer pruebas. Por favor, NO LA USE EN UN AMBIENTE DE PRODUCCIÓN. Puede reportar errores en la pestaña "Issues", si encuentra alguno. Gracias por ayudarnos a mejorar Chamilo.

    ✅ Ceci est une version instable dont l'objectif est de permettre de réaliser des tests. Merci de NE PAS L'UTILISER EN ENVIRONNEMENT DE PRODUCTION. Vous pouvez rapporter les erreurs rencontrées dans l'onglet "Issues". Merci de votre aide pour améliorer Chamilo.

    ✅ Dit is een onstabiele versie die alleen bedoeld is voor testdoeleinden. GEBRUIK NIET IN PRODUCTIEOMGEVING. Meld problemen op het tabblad Issues. Bedankt voor uw bijdrage aan Chamilo.

    ✅ Dies ist eine instabile Version, die nur zu Testzwecken gedacht ist. Bitte verwenden Sie NICHT IN DER PRODUKTIONSUMGEBUNG. Probleme auf der Registerkarte "Issues" melden. Danke, dass du zu Chamilo beigetragen hast.

    ✅ Esta é uma versão instável, apenas para fins de teste. NÃO USE NO AMBIENTE DE PRODUÇÃO. Relate problemas na guia Issues. Obrigado por contribuir com Chamilo.

  • v1.11.4 Changes

    May 31, 2017


    🛠 Chamilo 1.11.4 is a minor, bugfix release of the 1.11.x branch, with a large number of bugfixes on top of 1.11.2.

    Chamilo 1.11 integrates several new development technologies that should improve is reliability and flexibility, but also require more processor and memory. As such, we strongly recommend installing and enabling the Zend OpCache extension, ACPu and PHP 5.6 or superior, although 1.11.4 supports PHP starting from version 5.5 and up to PHP 7.

    🚀 Release name

    🚀 Uyuni is a small city that serves as a tourist gateway to the bare Uyuni salt flat. We wanted to use the name to transmit the idea that we are cleaning up (or laying down) the plans to move from all-timer version 1 of Chamilo to version 2. As such, this version eliminates as many issues as we can possibly eliminate and contains as much clean-up as we can do before jumping to version 2.0. Maybe this will not be the last of the 1.* releases, but it is certainly one of the latest steps before we eventually get there.

    🔒 Security fixes

    🔒 There are 2 security fixes in this version, so we urge you to upgrade to this version as soon as possible

    • One fix for unsanitized user input, present in Chamilo through the inclusion of an older version of the PHPMailer library
    • One more important fix for a PHP file upload flaw that happens in the social network, for registered users only

    🔄 Changelog

    🆕 New features for teachers and portal administrators

    • Tracking: Add new social report to user information page
    • Exercises: Add button to pause recording in oral expression question
    • Exercises: Add custom message notification for exercise review by teacher
    • Sessions: Add feature to redirect to session after registration (previously only available for courses)
    • 🔌 Plugins: Add Google Maps Plugin with a map to show extra field coordinates markers
    • 👍 Exercises: Add support for random questions in QTI import
    • 🔌 Plugin: BBB: Allow hiding BBB meetings without recording when using sessions
    • 👍 Exercises: Add support for unclosed attempts in exercises reports
    • Sessions: Add sessions dates in sessions catalogue
    • Sessions: Show session duration in sessions catalogue
    • 🔌 Plugins: Add MaintenanceMode Plugin
    • Collapse CKEditor when full_ckeditor_toolbar_set is enabled
    • Exercises: Add reading speed/comprehension question type
    • 👌 Improve learnpath tracking details
    • Exercises: Add option to display draggable question like with vertical orientation
    • ➕ Add SEPE plugin for Spanish Employment and Social Security Ministry compliance / Añadido plugin SEPE para cumplimiento con normas del Ministerio de Empleo y Seguridad Social de España
    • 🔌 Plugins: BBB: Add global limit to number of users per room, including extra fields for course and session to define contextual limits
    • Learnpaths: Allow publishing learning paths categories as course tool
    • 👍 Allow hiding/showing learning path categories
    • ➕ Add option to export a thematic plan's PDF to documents tool
    • ➕ Add option to export a single thematic section's PDF to documents tool

    🆕 New features for sysadmins and developers

    • 🔧 Multi-URL: Add support for configuration settings per multi-url (portal)
    • Templates: Add Twig filter local_format_date
    • Migration: add main/admin/sync_db_with_schema.php UI file (to sync current db with schema) and sync_db_with_schema configuration setting to allow it
    • System: Use app/cache/course_backups instead of main app/cache folder for course backups
    • Templates: Replace Twig_Filter_Function with Twig_SimpleFilter
    • Mailing: Add configuration setting mail_content_style for api_mail_html()
    • Assignments: Add configuration setting assignment_prevent_duplicate_upload to prevent duplicate upload
    • Assignments: Add configuration setting considered_working_time work extra field variable show in MyStudents page works report
    • Certificates: Add configuration setting 'hide_header_footer_in_certificate'
    • Templates: Add configuration setting hide_main_navigation_menu.
    • Certificates: Add configuration setting "certificate_pdf_orientation"
    • 👉 Emails: Add configuration setting "update_users_email_to_dummy_except_admins"
    • Courses introduction: Add configuration setting "course_introduction_html_strict_filtering" to allow course introduction html in low security for removeXSS
    • Agenda: Add configuration setting "personal_agenda_show_all_session_events"
    • Sessions: Add configuration setting limit_session_admin_role - Add differentiation of sessions options based on limit_session_admin_role setting in admin homepage
    • Learnpaths: Add configuration setting show_prerequisite_as_blocked to show all learning paths prerequisites in gray
    • Mailing: Add configuration setting parameter "send_score_in_exam_notification_mail_to_manager"
    • Learnpaths: Add configuration setting add_all_files_in_lp_export
    • Home: Add configuration setting user_portal_load_notification_by_ajax to improve page load
    • Thematic advance: Add configuration setting thematic_pdf_orientation to allow set the orientation when exporting thematic to pdf
    • Home: Add configuration setting hide_course_notification - Courses list: Add option to hide the course changes notifications
    • Home: Add configuration setting view_grid_courses_grouped_categories_in_sessions - Courses list: Allow showing courses grouped by category in session list. Only works in grid mode.
    • Home: Add configuration setting show_simple_session_info
    • Courses introduction: Rename configuration setting allow_course_introduction_low_security to course_introduction_html_strict_filtering
    • Learnpaths: Add configuration setting 'hide_lp_time'
    • 🔧 Tracking: Add configuration setting tracking_columns to change the columns shown on tracking page
    • Home: Add configuration setting "remove_session_url" to show/hide session link in "My courses" page
    • 🔧 Agenda: Add configuration setting 'agenda_legend'
    • Tracking: Add configuration sub-settings for my_students_lp/my_progress_lp tracking column display
    • Sessions: Add configuration setting 'session_list_show_count_users'
    • Home: Add configuration setting hide_course_rating support in course catalog
    • Sessions: Add configuration setting "session_admins_access_all_content"
    • System announcements: Add configuration setting 'system_announce_extra_roles'
    • Export: Add configuration setting "pdf_img_dpi" option
    • Mailing: Add configuration setting SMTP_UNIQUE_REPLY_TO setting + support in api_mail_html()
    • Sessions: Add configuration setting 'allow_edit_tool_visibility_in_session'
    • 💻 System: Add script to generate a table of missing terms in a language. Edit to set $language, then run in a browser and copy-paste in a spreadsheet soft to hand out to professional translators
    • System: Improve Apache and Nginx rules in installation guide in English based on the .htaccess file
    • System announcements: rework to use an array of visibilities (requires database changes)
    • Mailing: New options added to setting 'email_alert_manager_on_new_quiz'
    • 👌 Documents: Add configuration enabled_support_odf to allow edit ODF files
    • Learnpaths: Add configuration setting 'save_titles_as_html' to use HTML in learning paths category titles
    • Documents: Add configuration setting 'document_pdf_orientation' to allow setting PDF orientation when exporting documents
    • Tracking: Add configuration setting 'tracking_skip_generic_data' to skip stats BT#12824
    • Exercises: Add configuration setting "allow_quiz_question_feedback" (requires DB change)

    Possibly breaking changes

    • ⬇️ Dropped support for PHP 5.4 and inferior (now REQUIRES PHP 5.5 or more)
    • As Chamilo becomes more popular, we are facing new security-based challenges that come as consequences of the simplicity that we offer our users. As such, in this version of Chamilo, the administrator must enable a configuration setting as follows in order to authorize teachers and students to use iframes (embedding things from outside) inside the online text areas in their courses and personal spaces. To enable those, edit the app/config/configuration.php file and paste the following just after the last setting:
      🔧 $_configuration['course_introduction_html_strict_filtering'] = false;


    📚 See full changelog for this version in the documentation folder of your campus or online here:

    Special thanks

    Chamilo is developed voluntarily by developers all around the world.
    We have many people to thank, but we'd like to extend a special thank you to our technological partners:

  • v1.11.4-rc.1

    May 30, 2017
  • v1.11.4-beta.1

    May 25, 2017
  • v1.11.4-alpha.2

    May 23, 2017