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  • v1.11.14 Changes

    November 30, 2020

    πŸš€ Chamilo 1.11.14 is a minor security- and bug-fix release on top of 1.11.12.

    πŸš‘ It includes a fix for a critical security issue, so upgrading is highly recommended.

    It adds the following features:

    • πŸ†• New information section about usage of a question in other contexts
    • πŸ†• New Positioning plugin for pre-course and post-course tests
    • πŸ†• New radar type report in exercises
    • Rebranded portfolio fields in social profile
    • Possibility to delete a question completely (not orphaned)
    • πŸ†• New Exercise Signature plugin to get some official confirmation that an exam was taken by the user
    • Possibility to use user data to customize the course introduction
    • πŸ†• New exercises reports and improved reports
    • Possibility to replace a document by another with the same name
    • PDF export of surveys
  • v1.11.14-beta.1

    November 30, 2020
  • v1.11.12 Changes

    August 13, 2020

    πŸ›  Chamilo 1.11.12 is a minor bugfix release on top of 1.11.10. Although it was not supposed to come with many new features, it does come with around 100 new (large and small) features on top of 1.11.10, including LTI, a small H5P integration, a freshly developed Zoom plugin for corporate accounts, a mindmap plugin and many speed improvements generated as a result of the massive usage increase during the COVID-19 confinement measures worldwide. Definitely worth updating your 1.11.10!

    πŸ“š Check our changelog at

  • v1.11.12-beta.2

    August 12, 2020
  • v1.11.12-beta.1

    July 30, 2020
  • v1.11.10 Changes

    May 09, 2019

    πŸ›  Chamilo 1.11.10 is a minor bugfix release on top of 1.11.8. Contrary to previous releases, this one has a large number of security fixes. We strongly recommend you update to this version as soon as you can. We thank all who participated in this thorough security review over the last few months (these can be found on our security page).

    πŸ“¦ We have made 4 different package versions available to benefit from slight optimizations in the PHP versions. Our website will only show the lowest denominator for each though (to simplify).

    • Packages with "-php5" are compiled for PHP 5.6. They will not work in PHP 5.5 or inferior, because these versions are not supported anymore. PHP 5.6 is not supported anymore by the PHP community (not even for security patches), so please do not use in production.
    • ⚑️ Packages with "-php7" are optimized for PHP 7.1 (and should work with 7.2 and 7.3, which is why we called it just "7"). They might give issues if used with PHP 7.0. PHP 7.0 is not supported anymore by the PHP community (not even for security patches), so please do not use in production.
    • ⚑️ Packages with "-php7.2" are optimized for PHP 7.2 and will only work with (you guessed it) PHP 7.2 or 7.3.
    • ⚑️ Packages with "-php7.3" are optimized for PHP 7.3 and will only work with PHP 7.3.

    πŸš€ Note: there is a slight mistake in the changelog.html file: the release tag is from May 9th instead of May 8th, but that has no relevant impact on anything.

    πŸ”’ Security fixes

    [2019-02-26] (c245b03) Security: Use "clean_up_files_in_zip" function before extracting content Blocks php/htaccess files
    ⚑️ [2019-02-26] (53c0dc4) Security: Remove folder main/inc/lib/nanogong after composer update
    πŸ”’ [2019-02-26] (2164d36) Security: Remove nanogong files (deprecated).
    πŸ”’ [2019-02-22] (1c82459) Security: Protect lp_upload.php to avoid malicious uploads by unauthenticated users #security
    πŸ”’ [2019-02-22] (e463775) Security: Avoid showing user popup to non authenticated users if user is not a course teacher #security
    πŸ”’ [2019-01-25] (4812672) Security: Block anon users
    πŸ”’ [2019-01-18] (662dbd6) Security fixes, add int casting
    πŸ”’ [2019-01-18] (297f780) Security fixes, add int casting
    πŸ”’ [2019-01-18] (6968fb5) Security fixes, add int casting
    πŸ”’ [2019-01-16] (33e2692) Security: Fix XSS in social network and one extended access to tickets
    πŸ”’ [2018-12-21] (5700b37) Security: Remove double-escaping of SQL in previous paranoid commit
    πŸ”’ [2018-12-21] (bec1fd1) Security: Fix suspected XSS vulnerability in tickets
    πŸ”’ [2018-12-20] (54d05c1) Security: Fix suspected XSS/SQL injections vulnerabilities in tickets
    🚚 [2018-12-17] (ae7f2d5 - GH#2757) Remove XSS
    πŸ”’ [2018-12-17] (bfa1ecc) Security: Fix SQL injection and likely future similar issues
    [2018-12-03] (814049e - GH#2746) Escape gradebook name in gradebook_list.php to avoid XSS
    0️⃣ [2018-12-03] (15e49c1 - GH#2746) Add default value for search_users (path disclosure)
    🚚 [2018-12-03] (da8a93e - GH#2746) Remove warning + notice messages in agenda (path disclosure)
    🚚 [2018-12-03] (5e61c2b - GH#2746) Remove XSS from social groups page
    πŸ”’ [2018-11-20] (d9c37bf) Security: Remove "Security::remove_XSS", fix htmleditor get value Related: 099ec41
    🚚 [2018-11-19] (d13365c) Security - Add Database:escape_string and remove_XSS
    πŸ”’ [2018-11-15] (099ec41) Security: Fix XSS vulnerability in agenda - see security report 28 - additions
    πŸ‘€ [2018-10-09] (a248539) Remove XSS when registering user See
    πŸ”’ [2018-10-08] (39b3162) Security: Protect agenda events using Security::remove_XSS

    Possibly breaking changes

    [2018-12-12] (a681bf5) GH#2708 Remove duplicate from limit_session_admin_role configuration setting

    Notable new Features

    For end-users, teachers and Chamilo admins

    [2019-05-07] (94b7ca5 - BT#15579) Quiz: Add "Unanswered" status for unique questions, showing on the quiz results page
    πŸ”Œ [2019-04-30] The IMS/LTI plugin now fully supports LTI 1, 1.1, 1.1.1, Outcomes and Deep Linking
    [2019-04-16] (f8d91f9 - BT#15534) Quiz: Allow editing questions that are not inside an exercise
    [2019-04-11] (c68ccd9 - CT#7683) Display: Improvement in user summary (tracking)
    [2019-04-11] (f2b8f73 - BT#15535) Quiz: If random show also the total number of questions
    [2019-04-05] (6153de7 - BT#15389) Quiz: Show icon to indicate when exercises is embeddable in videos
    πŸ“š [2019-03-29] (a3d00fd) Documentation: Indicate support reduced to IE11+
    [2019-03-21] (ed0cba3 - BT#15234) Quiz: Add course setting "quiz_question_limit_per_day"
    [2019-03-20] (f25743c - BT#15394) Calendar: Add calendar for training sessions planning
    [2019-03-20] (7c93e97 - BT#15233) Quiz: Add new "result disable" option in exercises "Show only correct answer" BT#15233
    πŸ”Œ [2019-02-13] (bde49a2 - BT#15281) Plugin: Add ExportSurvey CSV plugin
    [2019-02-07] (8cbcfe9 - GH#2788) Quiz: Add new Ranking mode to show a ranking table on the results page
    πŸ‘ [2019-01-23] (63fde0c - BT#15232) Quiz: Add "SCORE" support in aiken
    [2018-11-13] (373427b - BT#15033) Add questions multiplication in surveys, based on classes (allows for teachers deliberations)
    [2018-11-08] (ad1ecb2) PDF view with viewerjs in LP
    ⏱ [2018-11-08] (4733577 - BT#14957) Add survey type to agree on a schedule (doodle-type)
    [2018-11-08] (f50ecb7 - BT#15017) Add certificate link + download certificate in a zip
    [2018-10-31] (0d0d48f - GH#2717) Add statistical charts in course reports
    πŸ”Œ [2018-10-03] (f9eda9b) Plugin: Add Card game plugin
    πŸ‘€ [2018-09-28] (bfd4137 - BT#14880) Admin and teacher can see a blocked exercise
    [2018-09-28] (ac72f87 - BT#14882) Change behaviour when adding a user to a session BT#14882 There's only one action that will be done, only add new users. The old behaviour that implied add and remove users still exists in the unused file "add_edit_users_to_session.php" It requires some tests and validations.
    πŸ‘‰ [2018-09-28] (03aeb0b - BT#14882) Add new page to subscribe new users to a session-course directly page: add_users_to_session_course.php
    [2018-09-26] (8397a1d - BT#14750) Allow upload xlsx files to import exercise
    πŸ‘€ [2018-09-26] (7b95d60 - BT#14824) Add "preview" button before sending an announcement To see the list of users and groups that will be sent BT#14824
    [2018-09-13] (260549e - BT#14824) Add option "SendAnnouncementCopyToMyself" in announcement

    For developers and sysadmins

    ⚑️ [2019-04-11] (82697e6 - BT#15533) Learnpath: Optimize query to get media player
    [2019-04-03] (1411274 - BT#15327) Language: Include extra language file main/lang/xxx/custom.php if exists
    [2019-03-28] (09b447d - BT#15362) Session: Allow session admin to upload files to BasicCourseDocuments folder
    [2019-03-28] (efcd6d1 - BT#14357) Admin: Add configuration setting "allow_gradebook_stats" to improve gradebook speed
    [2019-03-28] (4cb8f2e - BT#15437) Admin: Add configuration setting "block_editor_file_manager_for_students" to block student's access to the course documents when using the ckeditor "Browse server" button
    [2019-03-15] (9af667f - BT#15393) Admin: Add configuration setting "social_enable_likes_messages" (requires high level of customization to enable)
    [2019-03-12] (89cbc14 - BT#15280) Admin: Add configuration setting "survey_anonymous_show_answered" to enable showing who answered or not an anonymous survey (requires a minimum of 2 submissions to show)
    πŸ”Œ [2019-03-11] (399d7ce - BT#15265) Plugin: QuestionOptionsEvaluation: Add questionoptionsevaluation plugin
    βž• [2019-03-11] (0de2668 - BT#15265) Admin: Add configuraiton setting "exercise_additional_teacher_modify_actions" to enable more actions for teachers
    [2019-03-07] (6a758d8 - GH#2699) Admin: Add configuration setting "mail_no_reply_avoid_reply_to" - Avoid add a reply-to header when a no-reply address is set.
    πŸ”§ [2019-03-06] (73d802a - BT#15176) Social: Add social map, requires to add geolocation extra fields and configuration setting $_configuration['allow_social_map_fields'] = ['fields' => ['terms_villedustage', 'terms_ville']];
    [2019-03-06] (a31c5df - BT#15173 - BT#15309) Admin: Add new configuration settings "allow_forum_post_revisions", "community_managers_user_list" and "global_forums_course_id"
    [2019-02-27] (c2f9db3 - BT#15326) Registration: Add configuration setting "required_extra_fields_in_inscription" - Set extra fields as required in the inscription.php page + Add forum_post, forum_category extra fields
    [2019-02-22] (2865726 - BT#15317) Forum: Add configuration setting "forum_fold_categories" to fold forum categories by default
    πŸ”§ [2019-02-20] (3548395 - BT#15318) Admin: Hide course graph reports with configuration setting $_configuration['hide_course_report_graph'] = false;
    βž• [2019-02-13] (ebe2eb1 - BT#15281) Admin: Add configuration setting survey_additional_teacher_modify_actions
    [2019-02-06] (8a21d41 - GH#2796) Admin: Add configuration setting "admin_chamilo_announcements_disable". Disable announcements at the top of the admin page
    [2019-02-06] (e226292 - BT#15252) LP: Add setting lp_minimum_item, depends in the course and session extra field "new_tracking_system". It should be turned on in order to process the new stats, otherwise it will load the legacy stats
    [2019-02-05] (eca05ce - BT#15270) Admin: Add configuration setting "jq_grid_default_row" for default row values for jQGrid
    [2019-02-05] (7024207 - BT#15270) Admin: Add configuration setting "jq_grid_row_list" to change the jqgrid row list //$_configuration['jq_grid_row_list'] = ['options' => [50, 100, 200, 500]];
    [2019-01-30] (dc21353 - BT#15230) Admin: Add configuration setting "show_question_id" config to show question ID in the exercises + Add DESCRIPTION option when importing exercises with AIKEN
    πŸ”§ [2019-01-29] (a1e9e3f - BT#15235) Admin: Add configuration setting that limits teachers rights in exercise $_configuration['limit_exercise_teacher_access']
    πŸ‘‰ [2019-01-26] (a7fbce4 - BT#11784) Admin: Add configuration setting "quiz_show_description_on_results_page" to control whether the test description is shown on the results page or not
    [2019-01-26] (f4653e5 - BT#15208) Admin: Add configuration setting 'quiz_prevent_copy_paste' to prevent copying questions/answers text with the keyboard or the right-click menu
    [2019-01-21] (ec1faa5 - BT#15010) Admin: Add configuration setting 'hide_social_media_links'
    [2019-01-22] (244f36b - GH#2701) Documents: Add Accept-Range HTTP header for pseudo-streaming
    [2018-12-18] (d2e4aa4) Add indexes for gradebook tables in optimization guide
    πŸ‘€ [2018-12-14] (625ed0b) Add script to check if the default extra fields are present in the platform. See BT# 13954 If a default extra field doesn't exists then it will be created. Extra field list as in 1.11.8 Requires to manually remove an "exit".
    πŸ”Œ [2018-12-12] (c51a213) Allow performing actions from plugin when deleting user/course/session
    [2018-12-12] (a681bf5 - GH#2708) Remove limit_session_admin_role from conf file and use setting
    [2018-12-11] (dbc571c - BT#15095) Admin: Add configuration setting 'allow_session_admin_login_as_teacher'
    πŸ‘‰ [2018-12-11] (c1cdf0a - BT#15126) Admin: Add configuration setting 'allow_user_session_collapsable'
    πŸ‘‰ [2018-12-10] (3520689 - BT#15126) Admin: Add configuration setting 'allow_user_course_category_collapsable'
    [2018-12-07] (237f9bb - GH#2717) Admin: Add charts for several statistics pages
    πŸ”§ [2018-12-06] (676d2c1 - BT#15020) Admin: Add configuration setting $_configuration['allow_track_complete'] = false; Allows more detail user tracking
    [2018-12-05] (74964fc - BT#15095) Admin: Add configuration setting 'session_admins_edit_courses_content'
    [2018-12-05] (0d5b344 - BT#15020) Add table track_e_access_complete creation
    πŸ”§ [2018-12-05] (fe19616 - BT#15020) Admin: Add configuration setting $_configuration['lp_minimum_time'] = false; Add AccumulateWorkTime (a.k.a lp min time)
    πŸ›  [2018-12-05] (c243556 - BT#15102) Add proxy.php needed when using setting "lp_fix_embed_content"
    πŸ”§ [2018-12-03] (a9a2849 - BT#14357) Improve speed when rendering gradebook student reports. Using Doctrine APCU cache Setting: $_configuration['gradebook_use_apcu_cache']
    [2018-11-29] (3292b3c - BT#15081) Admin: Add configuration setting "user_import_settings"
    [2018-11-29] (ed38dc2 - BT#15091) Admin: Add configuration setting "exercises_disable_new_attempts"
    [2018-11-28] (e30fb0d) DRH can see visible announcement (allow_drh_access_announcement option)
    [2018-11-28] (ba6bffc - BT#15081) Admin: Add configuration setting "session_import_settings"
    ⚑️ [2018-11-28] (5178a59 - GH#2738) Improve composer update speed
    [2018-11-21] (eb0c06d) Admin: Add configuration setting "allow_my_files_link_in_homepage" Allow my personal files link in the homepage
    [2018-11-20] (3bfab64 - BT#15072) Admin: Add configuration setting 'allow_drh_access_announcement'
    πŸ”§ [2018-11-08] (156bcf8 - BT#15044) Admin: Add configuration setting to activate view with ViewerJS PDF LP
    πŸ”§ [2018-11-02] (4c7dc3c - BT#14813) Admin: Add configuration setting importOpenSessions
    [2018-11-02] (0d51722 - BT#14976) Admin: Add configuration setting in BBB plugin "disable_download_conference_link"
    [2018-10-31] (40dcc1e - BT#14972) Admin: Add configuration setting "hide_gradebook_percentage_user_result" + fix rank column - Hide percentage in best/average gradebook results
    [2018-10-31] (26d6fb4 - BT#15028) Admin: Add configuration setting "allow_only_one_student_publication_per_user"
    [2018-10-29] (744479d - BT#14938) Add option to setting to hide lp navigation with arrows
    [2018-10-24] (ed0d11a - BT#15003) Admin: Add configuration setting 'limit_session_admin_list_users'
    [2018-10-22] (0c14460 - BT#14894) Admin: Add configuration setting "mail_template_system"
    [2018-10-22] (54a8d0d - BT#14987) Admin: Add configuration setting 'block_student_publication_score_edition'. Teachers can't edit student score once the score was set. Admins can still edit those values
    [2018-10-22] (501dcbe - BT#14986) Admin: Add configuration setting "block_student_publication_add_documents". Block "add documents" in student publication feature
    [2018-10-22] (59d8aec - BT#14894) Admin: Add Mail template manager (requires specific activation process)
    [2018-10-22] (53f18dc - BT#14985) Admin: Add configuration setting "block_student_publication_edition"
    [2018-10-03] (60eaebf - BT#14906) Admin: Add configuration setting "hide_complete_name_in_whoisonline" To hide name from whoisonline
    [2018-10-03] (5603615 - BT#14910) Admin: Add configuration setting "session_list_show_count_users" show only students
    πŸ”§ [2018-09-03] (cd9460d - BT#14372) Admin: Add configuration setting $_configuration['hide_flag_language_switcher'] = false; Hide country flags in the language switcher + fix login form.
    [2018-08-31] (4c603d5) Admin: Add configuration setting "gradebook_multiple_evaluation_attempts". Add the possibility to add more attempts to the gradebook evaluation tool. Requires a DB change.
    πŸ‘‰ [2018-08-28] (7b6f760 - BT#14769) Admin: Add configuration setting 'hide_username_in_course_chat'
    πŸ‘‰ [2018-08-28] (afba2a6 - BT#14769) Admin: Add configuration setting 'hide_username_with_complete_name'
    [2018-08-23] (f23fa4b - BT#14747) Scripts: Add multiple-access-urls conversion script allowing for the conversion of an existing single-url portal to the secondary url of a multiple-access-url portal

  • v1.11.10-beta.1 Changes

    April 27, 2019

    πŸš€ This is a test release compiled for PHP 7.2. Please DO NOT USE IN PRODUCTION environment.

    βœ… Please help us test this version to ensure the stable version is rock-solid stable.

    πŸš€ We expect to release a stable version in a few days.

  • v1.11.8 Changes

    August 15, 2018


    πŸš€ Chamilo 1.11.8 is a minor, bug fix and security fix release on top of 1.11.6 that contains a series of small new features, including first support for European RGPD. Given the security fixes it contains, we highly recommend you to update from previous versions as soon as possible.

    πŸš€ Release name

    SayaxchΓ© is a small municipality in the Guatemalan jungle of El PetΓ©n. It is a notable point that requires taking a small ferry to cross the La PasiΓ³n river and get from the ancient ruins of Tikal to the modern capital city of Guatemala. This represents the jump we are hoping to make after 1.11.8 to get out of the 1.11 versions and into our restructured version 2.0.

    πŸ”’ Security fixes

    • πŸ”’ [2018-07-24] (385a84e) Security: Add app/Resources/public/css to the list of directories where execution of PHP is forbidden
    • πŸ“š [2018-07-24] (b0041b6) Security: Add documentation about X-Frame-Options in configuration.dist.php
    • [2018-07-23] (4ffe5ed - #2532) Security: Add Security::remove_XSS to clean variables from $_REQUEST
    • πŸ“š [2018-07-23] (d5129ad) Security: Update PHP files extension matching pattern in .htaccess and documentation to match all possible forms supported by PHP 5 and PHP 7.
    • ⚑️ [2018-07-23] (1c27a8b) Security: add rules to .htaccess to prevent direct PHP execution from the corresponding directories and updates security.html with a missing change in the previous commit. Using security.html is still the recommended way to go for security, but in the absence of that, we want to make sure Chamilo is always more secure.
    • πŸ“š [2018-07-23] (6ff87c3) Security: Add Nginx rules to security documentation, in order to prevent execution of PHP files from the uploadable-files directories
    • [2018-05-31] (d400657) Security: Fix who is online access: now it will check chamilo settings api_get_setting('showonline', 'world') api_get_setting('showonline', 'users') api_get_setting('showonline', 'course')
    • [2018-05-29] (0de8470 - GH#2532) Security: Use json_decode/json_encode instead base64 - Add Security::remove_XSSS
    • πŸ”’ [2018-05-09] (d697192) Security: Check access to "who is online in session"
    • πŸ”’ [2018-04-09] (00f3e4a) Security: Fix work access for teachers and students

    Possibly breaking changes

    • [2018-07-27] (6750c5f - BT#14687) Gradebook: Rename disable_gradebook_stats to gradebook_enable_best_score and fix behaviour: now the setting will be required to enable the 3 last columns of the gradebook results table (avg, best score and ranking)
    • [2018-07-27] (4d67dfb - BT#14687) Gradebook: Avoid conflict between gradebook_detailed_admin_view and disable_gradebook_stats

    Notable new Features

    For end-users, teachers and Chamilo admins

    • 0️⃣ [2018-07-05] (33dc232 - BT#14609) Learnpath: SCORM change: Default value of olms.lesson_status is "not attempted"
    • [2018-06-27] (43bf486 - BT#14435) Quiz: Change color from blue to black in ASCIIMathML scripts to highlight formulas (now will appear in a normal black)
    • [2018-06-13] (dd3390a) Global: Adding page about the course
    • [2018-06-11] (0a345a9 - BT#14453) Message: Add voice recorder button when sending a msg in the chamilo inbox
    • [2018-05-18] (c91f572 - BT#14350) Session: Session coach can now edit documents
    • [2018-05-18] (187acee - BT#14338) Quiz: Droppable questions: Add counter in boxes
    • [2018-05-16] (87c4804 - BT#14111) Course homepage: if LP links are added, use the LP order
    • [2018-04-10] (43d53a7 - BT#5776) Learnpath: Add more prerequisite information if available when loading an item
    • [2018-04-09] (98efe2a) Quiz: Add "certainty level" question type
    • [2018-04-03] (57b88a5) Template: Use SYS_TEMPLATE_PATH to find template file
    • [2018-04-03] (da56954) Template: Add twig function to get template file inside template. This changes the way how template files are included or extended. Add twig filter to get template file inside template This changes the way how template files are included or extended
    • [2018-04-02] (b99aaa3) Template: Add hot sessions block - sessions_current.tpl
    • [2018-03-28] (d76db9c) Template: Add dashboard TPL
    • [2018-03-23] (e13bb51) Template: Add tpl index.tpl for myspace
    • [2018-03-21] (4b5f86c - BT#11913) Survey: Add pending surveys page
    • [2018-03-20] (d04996a - BT#14141) Work: Add teacher comment to the notification
    • [2018-03-16] (b256c09 - BT#14056) Portfolio: Add Portfolio Tool. Requires DB changes

    For developers and sysadmins

    • ⚑️ [2018-08-01] (9472341 - GH#2606) GDPR (#2606/#2503) Admin: Add configuration setting 'enable_gdpr' to enable special privacy options to ease implementation of European GDPR. Add personal data info page, LegalRepository, personal data treatment types display and update getLastLogin() results including track_e_login for legacy users
    • [2018-07-25] (c025963 - BT#14687) Gradebook: Delete gradebook categories when deleting course
    • [2018-07-25] (5acc3b2 - BT#14687) Admin: Allow search course by ajax to platform admin
    • πŸ”Œ [2018-07-25] (85ef745 - BT#14664) Plugin: BBB: Add bbb interface option (flash or html5)
    • βœ… [2018-07-23] (bd7d1ad - GH#2601) Installation: replace check of app/course/X/test.php with an html file
    • [2018-07-05] (4d65d4e) Admin: Add multiple-selection enabling/disabling of users
    • 🌲 [2018-06-22] (3107f0f - BT#14512) Tracking: Add audit logging for removal/addition of users into a session
    • [2018-06-14] (c2efa24 - BT#14468) Survey: Add configuration setting allow_survey_availability_datetime
    • [2018-06-01] (44833e2 - BT#14371) Admin: Add configuration show_conditions_to_user setting to show conditions during sign up
    • [2018-05-30] (4473bd1 - BT#14395) Admin: Add configuration setting show_pending_survey_in_menu to show pending survey link in user menu
    • [2018-05-30] (73ae4cf - BT#14385) Admin: Add configuration setting gradebook_hide_graph
    • [2018-05-30] (73ae4cf - BT#14385) Admin: Add configuration setting gradebook_hide_pdf_report_button
    • 🚧 [2018-05-21] (662e922 - BT#14324) Maintenance: Add support for learnpath category in course backup
    • πŸ”Œ [2018-05-21] (69545e0) Plugin: Custom certificate: Add customcertificate plugin
    • [2018-05-15] (1326c86 - BT#14324) Admin: Add configuration setting 'allow_import_scorm_package_in_course_builder': When we export a course backup file the course/ABC/scorm/ folder is added in the zip packages. This setting imports that folder, e.g. course/ABC/scorm/my_scorm is saved in the new location course/DESTINATION/scorm/my_scorm/
    • [2018-05-09] (247e1a0 - BT#14252) Admin: Add configuration setting 'my_courses_session_order'. Userportal session list - Show end date null values at the end. If setting "my_courses_session_order" is set to: $_configuration['my_courses_session_order'] = ['field' => 'end_date', 'order' => 'asc']; Null values will be shown at the end.
    • [2018-05-08] (409ca7a - BT#14196) Admin: Add configuration setting session_courses_read_only_mode (was lock_course_in_session)
    • [2018-05-08] (caad4bb - BT#14113) Admin: Security: Add configuration setting 'disable_token_in_new_message' to avoid issues when sending messages for very active users with several open tabs. This introduces a security vulnerability as it can allow some third party to send DOS attacks through the PHP sending script, but might be necessary to reduce user anxiety
    • [2018-04-25] (ac7665e - BT#14254) Admin: Add "Hide from catalog" (hide_from_catalog) course extra field in order to hide courses from the course catalog. Refactor course/session/course category code. Change function name and move functions to CourseAndSessionsCatalog
    • [2018-04-25] (90ea493 - BT#14251) Admin: Add configuration setting "allow_exercise_auto_launch" to allow auto launch for documents and exercises - requires DB change
    • [2018-04-23] (4cecc04 - BT#14192) Admin: Tracking: Add url(portal)/session/user stats
    • [2018-04-23] (53adbbc - BT#14262) Global: Show users only from current portal in who is online
    • [2018-04-20] (fe0aaeb - BT#10885) Admin: Add configuration setting "allow_lp_chamilo_export" to export learning paths with the course builder system (from course maintenance)
    • [2018-04-18] (c056499 - BT#10769) Admin: Add configuration setting "group_document_access" to allow sharing options for the documents inside a group. Requires DB changes.
    • [2018-03-20] (1b75983 - BT#13964) Admin: Add configuration setting "send_notification_when_document_added"
    • [2018-02-22] (604950f - BT#14026) Document: Don't clear class for audio/video when removing xss
    • πŸ‘‰ [2018-02-22] (50cb6f0 - BT#13924) Admin: Add configuration setting "allow_user_message_tracking"
    • [2018-02-19] (6e619d2 - BT#14034) Admin: Add configuration setting "send_inscription_msg_to_inbox"
    • [2018-02-16] (fe04224 - BT#13950) Admin: Add configuration setting "exercise_hide_label" to hide exercise question label (ribbon)
    • [2018-02-16] (531f5aa - BT#13950) Admin: Add configuration setting "show_exercise_expected_choice" to show more information when resolving an exercise
    • [2018-02-14] (01c864b - BT#13794) Admin: Add configuration setting "lp_view_settings" to hide reporting icon in lp view
    • [2018-02-12] (93a64d5 - BT#13334) Admin: Add configuration setting "allow_skill_rel_items" to link skills to things. Requires DB changes
    • [2018-02-06] (155235e - BT#13943) Admin: Add configuration setting "send_two_inscription_confirmation_mail"- This will send 2 emails to the user, one with the username, the other with the password.
    • [2018-02-06] (597a745 - BT#13829) Admin: Add configuration setting "allow_base_course_category"
    • πŸ‘‰ [2018-02-06] (28daf39 - BT#13924) Admin: Add configuration setting "allow_user_message_tracking"
    • βœ‚ [2018-02-02] (bae37ae - BT#10895) Admin: Add configuration setting "allow_remove_tags_in_glossary_export"
    • [2018-02-01] (110f7fc - BT#13944) Admin: Add configuration setting "generate_random_login" when importing users by CSV
    • [2018-01-26] (423e9b6 - BT#13923) Admin: Add configuration setting allow_teachers_to_access_blocked_lp_by_prerequisite to allow teachers, drhs and admins to access blocked LP's because a prerequisite.

    πŸ’… Stylesheets and theming

    • [2018-08-10] (38e649a) Template: Fix footer
    • [2018-08-10] (c267e71) Template: Update fix show_footer and show_header tpl
    • [2018-08-10] (248d9d9) Template: Improvement of template layout and css structure
    • [2018-04-10] (a12959e) Template: Added the variable home_include in the tpl layout_2_col.tpl
    • [2018-04-10] (d6c5d52 - CT#11338) Template: Add template variable home_include when including static HTML page through main menu. Add parameter to return_home_page(). Add SECTION_INCLUDE constant
    • [2018-04-10] (4507d6b) Template: Fix duplicate plugin_main_top condition in layout_2_col.tpl
    • [2018-04-10] (55969b0 - BT#11338) Template: Add macros for twig in tpl
    • [2018-04-09] (1c1e68b - BT#11338) Template: Add notice_block and help_block
    • [2017-12-15] (3550662 - BT#12835) Template: Add template for document/webcam


    • [2018-04-17] (bc808c8 - BT#14242) Gradebook: Remove unused code get_not_created_links, try find exercise with iid.
    • 🚚 [2018-04-17] (6094513) Course info: Remove unused variables
    • [2018-03-28] (82f724d - GH#2469) Internal: Remove call of setting "user_name_sort_by" not used anymore
    • [2018-03-23] (6465b5c) Internal: Remove unused php_session_id
    • 🚚 [2018-03-16] (7a8d695) Internal: Remove unused file
    • 🚚 [2018-03-16] (3820130) Internal: Remove repository chamilo/pclzip. Library is added to packagist.
    • ⚑️ [2018-03-16] (35ead26) Internal: Remove custom repo PHPWord, PHPWord updated zend lib dependencies
    • 🚚 [2018-03-14] (285442e) Internal: Remove use of create_function, replaced with anon function.
    • 🚚 [2018-03-02] (f38583c) Internal: Remove deprecated use "create_function" in compare rule - FormValidator Shows error in php 7.2

    🌐 Web services

    • [2018-08-02] (9ab965d - BT#14613) Webservice: Webservice can register user to a course no matter the course config Webservice is kind of "admin" $checkTeacherPermission parameter added
    • [2018-08-01] (7b1bf11 - BT#14613) Webservice: Add "webservice_validation" conf to validate login against a webservice
    • [2018-08-01] (df10c53 - BT#14613) Webservice: WSGetUserFromUsername now returns extra fields
    • [2018-07-30] (e861636 - BT#14613) Webservice: Get extra fields from user in webservice
    • [2018-07-30] (6cc1a3f - BT#14613) Webservice: Fix WSGetUserFromUsername webservice
    • [2018-03-28] (3f48002 - GH#2471) Webservice: Fix add course by using REST API #2471
      Parameters encode change from base64 to json in file main/webservices/api/v2.php 4ffe5ed
  • v1.11.8-rc.1

    August 12, 2018
  • v1.11.6 Changes

    January 19, 2018


    πŸ›  Chamilo 1.11.6 is a minor, bugfix release on top of 1.11.4.

    πŸš€ Release name

    PoznΓ‘n is a city on the Warta river in west-central Poland. It is best known for its renaissance Old Town and OstrΓ³w Tumski Cathedral. PoznaΕ„ is among the oldest and largest cities in Poland. It has often topped rankings as a city with very high quality of education and a very high standard of living. Giving the stability this 8th anniversary version 1.11.6 has achieved and its high benefits to education, we believe PoznΓ‘n is a fitting name for us.

    πŸ”’ Security fixes

    • πŸ”’ [2017-09-27] (4ffe5ed) Security: Remove excessive SQL quotes filtering adding risk to queries

    Notable new Features

    For end-users, teachers and Chamilo admins

    • βœ… [2018-01-17] (49ba4f6) Plugin: Test2PDF: Add test2pdf plugin to convert exercises to PDF. This plugin can be further cleaned up but works as is.
    • πŸ›  [2017-12-28] (958f1f5) Document: Add Cloud Files links (and fixes)
    • πŸ‘ [2017-10-16] (8700571) Document: Add webm support in showinframes.php (using jplayer)
    • [2017-10-10] (5039c7b) Learnpath: Add pdf export button in LP result page
    • [2017-10-10] (cf2bd42) Work: Add new course setting 'email_to_teachers_on_new_work_feedback'
    • [2017-09-05] (0de217e) Announcement: Add tags expansion button to avoid showing all tag options upfront
    • 🚚 [2017-07-19] (f44456a) Learnpath: Remove SCORM 2004 (1.3) object declaration to avoid Rustici library detecting SCORM 2004 support where there is none
    • [2017-07-14] (eea9ca4) Gradebook: Add score model in student publication

    For developers and sysadmins

    • πŸ’… [2017-12-28] (b00352a) Webservices: Add REST services to create user, create course and subscribe to course. Remove SQL injection. Improve code style
    • [2017-12-28] (39bbae3) Admin: Add configuration setting "session_list_order" to enable sessions ordering in courses list (requires DB changes)
    • [2017-12-21] (a8974e8) Admin: Add configuration setting "exercise_category_report_user_extra_fields" to add extra fields to the exercise_category_report.php page
    • [2017-12-21] (1e4f1c5) Admin: Add configuration setting 'block_my_progress_page' to block access to any user to "my progress" page
    • [2017-12-12] (484ea7a) Admin: Add configuration setting "hide_skill_levels"
    • [2017-12-06] (6bfbff7) Admin: Add configuration setting "send_notification_score_in_percentage" to send score in percentage in the exam result notification
    • [2017-11-24] (cc02afc) Admin: Add configuration setting "allow_session_admin_read_careers"
    • [2017-11-23] (f7b49d7) Admin: Add configuration setting "hide_reporting_session_list" to hide the session list in Reporting tool
    • [2017-11-21] (932208a) Admin: Add upload_tmp_dir in settings diagnostic
    • 🌐 [2017-11-17] (766f184) Skill: Allow translation of skills names and short codes
    • πŸ”§ [2017-11-15] (df875dc) Admin: Add configuration setting: show sender's email when receiving email notifications. Setting: $_configuration['show_user_email_in_notification'] = false;
    • [2017-10-31] (f172fe7) Admin: Add configuration setting "disabled_edit_session_coaches_course_editing_course" to reduce load
    • [2017-10-27] (0a6e471) Admin: Add configuration setting "not_empty_session_student_list_for_multiple_subscription" to avoid empty sessions when subscribing multiple users
    • [2017-10-27] (91c0f15) Admin: Add configuration setting "allow_redirect_to_main_page_after_work_upload" + Redirect to work tool after uploading a student publication or adding a comment
    • [2017-10-25] (755aa93) Admin: Add configuration setting "show_all_sessions_on_my_course_page"
    • [2017-10-24] (32ed97a) Admin: Add configuration setting "disable_js_in_lp_view"
    • πŸ”Œ [2017-10-09] (acb1614) Plugin: Add redirection plugin to redirect users arbitrarily once logged in
    • [2017-10-09] (8a889c9) Admin: Add configuration setting 'hide_email_content' to force users to click a link in their e-mail to get the full message
    • [2017-10-06] (8acc91a) Session: Add session template feature to pre-fill some sessions when doing repetitive session creation processes
    • [2017-10-02] (9136d61) Admin: Add configuration setting options for setting "my_progress_courses" to select columns to be shown in reports
    • [2017-10-02] (9af6dd0) Admin: Add User activation confirmation email
    • [2017-09-27] (41b1c16) Admin: Add configuration setting "send_notification_when_user_added" to alert given admin users of the creation of new users (#legal-compliance)
    • [2017-09-23] (9af0934) Template: Add check on overrides/ folder in templates processing
    • [2017-09-21] (7dce46d) Admin: Add configuration setting 'max_anonymous_users' to allow multiple anonymous users to be auto-created on demand up to the given number limit
    • [2017-09-21] (5c8e19b) Admin: Add configuration setting 'allow_double_validation_in_registration' to enable a validation message to be confirmed by the user after submitting account details
    • [2017-09-18] (5c57c02) Admin: Add configuration setting 'default_glossary_view' setting to change default presentation mode for the glossary (can still be changed by the viewer personally)
    • βœ‚ [2017-09-18] (f5a06b9) Admin: Add configuration setting 'disable_delete_all_announcements' to hide the option to delete all assignments (#fresh-users)
    • [2017-09-05] (0beecb1) Admin: Add configuration setting 'allow_public_course_with_no_terms_conditions' to skip terms in very specific contexts
    • [2017-09-06] (0d172d0) Learnpath: Improve pdf download speed in learnpath
    • [2017-08-29] (b2d96d9) Admin: Add configuration setting 'lp_subscription_settings' to set default settings for the 'allow_add_users_to_lp' and 'allow_add_users_to_lp_category settings'
    • [2017-08-21] (971c73c) Admin: Add configuration setting 'hide_survey_edition' to hide edition options for a given list of survey codes
    • [2017-08-17] (37f7235) Admin: Add configuration setting 'gradebook_badge_sidebar' to show a menu sidebar with OpenBadges obtained (probably requires code customizations)
    • [2017-08-16] (26e5343) Survey: Show previous answered question in survey (do not ask again)
    • [2017-08-15] (69d16ad) Admin: Add configuration setting 'hide_survey_reporting_button' to hide the Survey Reporting button from teachers (if survey is about teachers)
    • [2017-08-15] (333a822) Admin: Add configuration setting 'allow_required_survey_questions' to enable required survey questions (requires a DB change)
    • [2017-08-10] (862cf0e) Admin: Add configuration setting 'my_courses_show_courses_in_user_language_only' to only show to the user the courses that are in his/her language
    • [2017-08-09] (992b401) Global: Add optional language quick-switcher in main menu
    • πŸ‘‰ [2017-08-09] (ca8186b) Admin: Add configuration setting 'hide_user_info_in_quiz_result' to hide the user name/login in the test result page
    • [2017-08-08] (4c08b6b) Admin: Add configuration setting 'gradebook_dependency_mandatory_courses' to be used in combination with the 'gradebook_badge_sidebar' to show only badges about specific courses in the menu badges
    • [2017-08-01] (940cfc5) Admin: Add configuration setting 'allow_private_skills' to hide generic skills viewing pages from students (only visible to admins and teachers)
    • ⏱ [2017-07-31] (1292099) Session: Allow session admins to create scheduled announcements
    • [2017-07-26] (216734f) Admin: Add configuration setting 'my_courses_list_as_category' to show a different presentation of the user's "My courses" page, with an intermediary category page (with category images) (requires a DB change)
    • [2017-07-19] (bb4c138) Admin: Add configuration setting 'ckeditor_startup_outline_blocks' to add blocks outlining option to CKeditor
    • πŸ†“ [2017-07-10] (74775f8) Admin: Add configuration setting 'hide_free_question_score' to hide score/annotation/comments for all "open text" questions
    • [2017-07-10] (6d347e7) Admin: Add configuration setting 'allow_notification_setting_per_exercise' to enable notifications to be sent on a per-exercise basis (as opposed to per-course basis). Not setting it will fallback on course settings (requires a DB change)
    • [2017-07-07] (4e84b9e) Work: Add course setting 'email_alert_students_on_new_homework' option to send alert to HRM when a work is added
    • [2017-07-06] (33debc5) Admin: Add configuration setting 'score_grade_model' to enable the conversion of scores to text/color labels using a model if the score is inside those values
    • [2017-07-04] (36b43d3) Admin: Add configuration setting 'private_messages_about_user' to enable exchanging messages between student bosses and teachers about students on main/mySpace/myStudents.php?student=x
    • [2017-07-03] (3327cd4) Admin: Add configuration setting 'allow_teacher_comment_audio' to allow teachers to leave audio notes on open answers
    • [2017-07-03] (34f1447) Admin: Add configuration setting 'hide_search_form_in_session_list' to... hide the search form in the sessions list
    • [2017-06-30] (0e9b9d4) Admin: Add configuration setting 'ticket_project_user_roles' to give specific roles access to the tickets tool
    • [2017-06-29] (a55b7b9) Admin: Add configuration setting 'allow_quiz_show_previous_button_setting' to show/hide the "previous question" button in exercises (requires DB changes)
    • [2017-06-27] (b9a44e7) Admin: Add configuration setting 'allow_mandatory_survey' to enable mandatory surveys
    • πŸ‘€ [2017-06-26] (829a93c) Survey: Add mandatory surveys to course (see commit above)
    • [2017-06-22] (9ce4ca8) Admin: Add configuration setting 'send_all_email_to' that sends a copy of all e-mails sent from the plaform to the given list of e-mail addresses (#legal-compliance)
    • [2017-06-21] (7cd3981) Gradebook: Add "user_certificate" extra field + add "downloaded_at" field to keep track of when a use certificate was downloaded
    • [2017-06-19] (f72bdf3) Admin: Add configuration settings 'agenda_platform_color', 'agenda_course_color', 'agenda_group_color', 'agenda_session_color', 'agenda_other_session_color', 'agenda_personal_color' and 'agenda_student_publication_color' to set custom colors to agenda events
    • ⏱ [2017-06-19] (9c6aeb4) Admin: Add configuration setting 'allow_scheduled_announcements' to allow session admins to schedule announcements to be sent at specific times around the start or end of a session
    • [2017-06-13] (5fac7f1) Admin: Add configuration setting 'allow_career_diagram' to show career diagrams in the careers management section, depending on links established through CSV imports (requires a DB change)
    • [2017-06-13] (2f14ce1) Admin: Add configuration setting 'survey_answered_at_field' setting to indicate whether the survey tool should expect a c_survey_invitation.answered_at field with the datetime of the user's answer (requires a DB change)

    πŸ’… Stylesheets and theming

    • [2017-12-13] (de79a59) Template: Change course code for the course id to use in Twig variable
    • 🌐 [2017-08-07] (b092665) Template: Add _p.web_url variable in twig template
    • [2017-06-16] (686274b) Template: Improving and create tpl for forum view
      βž• Additional templates in main/template/ will now work as override: you don't need to copy the full default/ folder anymore, just create the .tpl you need to change and its dependencies (see "extend" statements in some .tpl)
    • [2017-06-01] (10897f1) Template: Add template for course home page


    • 🚚 [2017-10-19] (fe4fb5d) Remove "Text" plugin as it duplicates the "Static" plugin features
    • 🚚 [2017-10-18] (070043e) Internal: Remove unused and unmaintained main/reports code
    • βœ… [2017-10-17] (280e06a) Internal: Remove unused get_test_id
    • [2017-10-11] (ae72f14) Internal: Remove unused function "array_walk_recursive_limited"
    • 🚚 [2017-10-04] (7e8eac7) Social: Remove shared profile link in user profile when social network is disabled
    • 🚚 [2017-08-30] (8f86e88) Remove use of $_SESSION, fix edit svg files.
    • 🚚 [2017-08-30] (acabd1e) Remove unused library mp3player
    • 🚚 [2017-08-29] (bd0848d) Remove $_SESSION use.
    • 🚚 [2017-07-20] (8727c7f) Internal: Remove non-used js_alerts section
    • 🚚 [2017-07-11] (a5f06b8) Internal: Remove unused userlogCSV.php file, format code.
    • 🚚 [2017-07-06] (88f07d8) Internal: Remove unused queries + format code.
    • 🚚 (168abf1 - GH#1897) Remove - datepicker
    • 🚚 (68f2046 - BT#12554) Survey: Remove unused code
    • πŸ—„ Old (and broken) e-mail customizer option has been marked for deprecation in 2.0

    Known issues

    • πŸ‘€ (a285f48) Document: Text-to-speech feature is broken due to the services providers not allowing the service for free anymore. See configuration.dist.php for the API key to use Google Translate. Pediaphon has been removed.
    • πŸ›  Several issues have been reported migrating from 1.9 to 1.11.4. Some have been fixed in 1.11.6