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  • v4.3.132 Changes

    November 24, 2020

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    🔄 Changes for 4.3.132

    🔄 Changes to branch 4.3 after version 4.3.131.

  • v4.3.131 Changes

    November 10, 2020

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    🔄 Changes for 4.3.131

    🔄 Changes to branch 4.3 after version 4.3.130.


    filter/3 - by Ben Bradford

    Dialyzer hard highlighted this issue

    Kazoo 5 PR -

    ftps support - by romanats

    ➕ added ftps url support.

    e.g. ftps://username:[email protected]:port

    👉 username, password and port being compulsory for ftps support.

    KZOO-46: Back port emergency calls email notification - by Harenson Henao

    Main PR with more information can be found here #6443

  • v4.3.130 Changes

    November 06, 2020

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    🔄 Changes for 4.3.130

    🔄 Changes to branch 4.3 after version 4.3.129.


    prompt log readability change - by Taran Romana

    🔄 changed log line for better readability as right now it was confusing and it was considered as an error while debugging an issue.

  • v4.3.129 Changes

    November 04, 2020

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    🔄 Changes for 4.3.129

    🔄 Changes to branch 4.3 after version 4.3.128.

  • v4.3.128 Changes

    November 03, 2020

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    🔄 Changes for 4.3.128

    🔄 Changes to branch 4.3 after version 4.3.127.

  • v4.3.127 Changes

    October 22, 2020

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    🔄 Changes for 4.3.127

    🔄 Changes to branch 4.3 after version 4.3.126.

  • v4.3.126 Changes

    October 20, 2020

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    🔄 Changes for 4.3.126

    🔄 Changes to branch 4.3 after version 4.3.125.


    4.3 fax fixes - by bitbashing

    At the completion of a fax it uses the move_doc (which uses copy_doc) to move the fax document with its attachments to the MODB from the faxes database. However, bigcouch can return conflict despite being successful when moving attachments. Since fax documents have so many attachments the move fails frequently causing the faxes db to grow significantly.

    PISTON-1134: enforce non-empty CF number when CF is enabled - by Daniel Finke

    Do not allow users to enable call forward if they have entered an empty forwarding number

    PISTON-1141: VM setup/configurability fixes - by Daniel Finke

    vmboxes that are not set up should still offer setup when in announcement-only mode

    🔧 in announcement-only mode, if configurability is disabled, go straight to mailbox

    🔧 if configurability is enabled, go to config menu. The expectation is the primary action they will want is to disable announcement-only mode. They can get to mailbox with '0'

    PISTON-1144: add missing entries for kapi_notifications for voicemail_deleted - by Daniel Finke

    - Causes crashes without these if Preview mode is used for the template via cb_notifications

    PISTON-1123: Fixes voicemail forward confirmation. - by Roger Neate

    The cf_voicemail:forward_message/6 function has been refactored to consistently execute the forwarding operation as an asynchronous task and to play the confirmation of the operation synchronously. The previous flow of control was inconsistent, depending on configuration. In some circumstances, the forwarding operation was performed asynchronously, but this resulted in no audible confirmation. In other circumstances, forwarding was performed synchronously.

    👷 PISTON-1146: handle delayed job start replies from fax_worker - by Daniel Finke

    • if job start/error reply comes in after the kz_amqp_worker:call/3

    👷 timeout, need to handle removing jobs from serialized list in fax_jobs

    🚀 to avoid looping of job start attempts. Job will never be released

    👷 from fax_jobs

    • job start/error reply becomes increasingly likely to be delayed as

    number of zones increases - kz_globals takes longer to register the


    KZOO-75: ftp url fixes - by romanats

    🛠 fixed use case when ftp url is entered anything else than ftp, such as ftps will return a error 500.

    KZOO-75: Added ftp url for call recording - by romanats

    This commit allows to add ftp urls inside user call recording option.

  • v4.3.125 Changes

    October 15, 2020

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    🔄 Changes for 4.3.125

    🔄 Changes to branch 4.3 after version 4.3.124.


    HELP-16882: hangup call if no failover - by James Aimonetti

    Prior to this change, if the receiving PBX refused the call and no

    🔧 failover was configured, Trunkstore would exit and the A-leg would

    continue ringing until the caller hungup.

    This change sends a hangup to the A-leg before exiting.

  • v4.3.124 Changes

    October 13, 2020

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    🔄 Changes for 4.3.124

    🔄 Changes to branch 4.3 after version 4.3.123.


    HELP-17551: allow disabling voicemail callback - by James Aimonetti

    Prior to this change, an malicious caller could leave a voicemail with

    a bogus Caller ID number (typically an international number for

    fraud) to a compromised voicemail box. Calling back into the voicemail

    box, the malicious caller could select the callback option and place a

    call to the fraudulent number.

    If the account or owner of the voicemail box allowed international

    calling, the fraud would progress.

    This PR introduces two toggles to give system administrators more

    control over callback functionality.

    The first global config should_disable_callback can toggle whether

    to allow the caller to select the callback option in general. If set

    to true, the callback feature will be disable cluster-wide.

    The second global config should_disable_offnet_callback requires the

    caller to be using an authorized device. If set to true, the caller

    must place the call from a device known to the account (authorizing_id

    must be present).

    Presumably, if the malicious caller has compromised SIP credentials,

    they can place the fraudulent calls directly without the voicemail

    callback. It is recommended to at least toggle

    should_disable_offnet_callback to true.

  • v4.3.123 Changes

    October 13, 2020

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    🔄 Changes for 4.3.123

    🔄 Changes to branch 4.3 after version 4.3.122.


    update apns4erl - by lazedo

    HELP-16363: test blackhole bindings after AMQP disconnect - by James Aimonetti

    PISTON-1137: Fixes inaccurate stack trace. - by Roger Neate

    If an exception is caught within the kvm_message:prepend_and_notify/5 function, the correct stack trace was potentially overwritten by an exception occuring within the kvm_message:remove_malform_vm/2 function. The stack trace is now captured before calling that function.