Misskey v12.111.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2022-06-13 // 14 days ago
  • 🛠 Bugfixes

    • 🛠 some fixes of multiple notification read @tamaina
    • some GenerateVideoThumbnail failed @Johann150
    • Client: デッキでウィジェットの情報が保存されない問題を修正 @syuilo
    • Client: ギャラリーの投稿を開こうとすると編集画面が表示される @futchitwo

Previous changes from v12.111.0

  • Note

    • Node.js 16.15.0 or later is required

    👌 Improvements

    • 👌 Supports Unicode Emoji 14.0 @mei23
    • プッシュ通知を複数アカウント対応に #7667 @tamaina
    • プッシュ通知にクリックやactionを設定 #7667 @tamaina
    • ドライブに画像ファイルをアップロードするときオリジナル画像を破棄してwebpublicのみ保持するオプション @tamaina
    • 🚚 Server: always remove completed tasks of job queue @Johann150
    • Client: アバターの設定で画像をクロップできるように @syuilo
    • Client: make emoji stand out more on reaction button @Johann150
    • Client: display URL of QR code for TOTP registration @tamaina
    • Client: render quote renote CWs as MFM @pixeldesu
    • API: notifications/readは配列でも受け付けるように #7667 @tamaina
    • API: ユーザー検索で、クエリがusernameの条件を満たす場合はusernameもLIKE検索するように @tamaina
    • MFM: Allow speed changes in all animated MFMs @Johann150
    • 👍 The theme color is now better validated. @Johann150 Your own theme color may be unset if it was in an invalid format. Admins should check their instance settings if in doubt.
    • Perform port diagnosis at startup only when Listen fails @mei23
    • Rate limiting is now also usable for non-authenticated users. @Johann150 @mei23 Admins should make sure the reverse proxy sets the X-Forwarded-For header to the original address.

    🛠 Bugfixes

    • Server: keep file order of note attachement @Johann150
    • Server: fix missing foreign key for reports leading to reports page being unusable @Johann150
    • Server: fix internal in-memory caching @Johann150
    • Server: prevent crash when processing certain PNGs @syuilo
    • Server: Fix unable to generate video thumbnails @mei23
    • Server: Fix Cannot find module issue @mei23
    • Federation: Add rel attribute to host-meta @mei23
    • Federation: add id for activitypub follows @Johann150
    • Federation: use source instead of _misskey_content @Johann150
    • Federation: ensure resolver does not fetch local resources via HTTP(S) @Johann150
    • Federation: correctly render empty note text @Johann150
    • Federation: Fix quote renotes containing no text being federated correctly @Johann150
    • 🚚 Federation: remove duplicate br tag/newline @Johann150
    • Federation: add missing authorization checks @Johann150
    • Client: fix profile picture height in mentions @tamaina
    • Client: fix abuse reports page to be able to show all reports @Johann150
    • Client: fix settings page @tamaina
    • Client: fix profile tabs @futchitwo
    • Client: fix popout URL @futchitwo
    • Client: correctly handle MiAuth URLs with query string @sn0w
    • Client: ノート詳細ページの新しいノートを表示する機能の動作が正しくなるように修正する @xianonn
    • 👍 MFM: more animated functions support speed parameter @futchitwo
    • MFM: limit large MFM @Johann150