Node RED v2.1.4 Release Notes

  • ⚙ Runtime

    • fix env var access using $parent for groups (#3278) @HiroyasuNishiyama
    • Add proper error handling for 404 errors when serving debug files (#3277) @knolleary
    • Add Japanese translations for Node-RED v2.1.0-beta.1 (#3179) @kazuhitoyokoi
    • Include full user object on login audit events (#3269) @knolleary
    • Remove styling from de locale files (#3237) @knolleary


    • Change tab hide button icon to an eye and add search option (#3282) @knolleary
    • Fix i18n handling of namespaces with spaces in (#3281) @knolleary
    • Trigger change event when autoComplete fills in input (#3280) @knolleary
    • Apply CN i18n fix (#3279) @knolleary
    • fix select menu label of config node to use paletteLabel (#3273) @HiroyasuNishiyama
    • fix removed tab not to cause node conflict (#3275) @HiroyasuNishiyama
    • Group diff fix (#3239) @knolleary
    • Only toggle disabled workspace flag if on activeWorkspace (#3252) @knolleary
    • Do not show status for disabled nodes (#3253) @knolleary
    • Set dimension value for tour guide (#3265) @kazuhitoyokoi
    • Avoid redundant initialisation of TypedInput type (#3263) @knolleary
    • Don't let themes change flow port label color (#3270) @bonanitech
    • Fix treeList gutter calculation to handle floating gutters (#3238) @knolleary


    • Debug: Handle RegExp types in Debug sidebar (#3251) @knolleary
    • Delay: fix 2nd output when in rate limit per topic modes (#3261) @dceejay
    • 🔗 Link: fix to show link target when selected (#3267) @HiroyasuNishiyama
    • Inject: Do not modify inject node props in oneditprepare (#3242) @knolleary
    • HTTP Request: HTTP Basic Auth should always add : between username and password even if empty (#3236) @hardillb