Pepperminty Wiki v0.19-beta1 Release Notes

  • ⚡️ > The update that changed the world! Turn everything upside-down.

    🛠 Fixed

    • Fixed double-escaping of rendered HTML when nesting templates
    • Squashed a warning if the search index doesn't exist yet
    • Fixed a crash in the stats updater if no pages in the system have tags yet
    • Consolidated email and emailAddress fields into the latter in the user table (#167)
    • Fixed a crash when trying to access the user table when not logged in as an administrator.
    • Fixed help text for the file upload module
    • Squashed a warning when uploading a file

    ➕ Added

    • [Module API] Added new extra data system. See parser-parsedown and page-edit for an example.
      • Extra data is packed into a zip archive, which is packed into index.php via __halt_compiler();
      • See the parser-parsedown and page-edit modules for examples on how to use it.
    • [Module API] Added new delete_recursive() function.
    • Added a new obvious link to the user table at the top of the master settings page.
    • Added a new first-run wizard to help new users set up the basics of their wiki.
      • It also checks to ensure that access to peppermint.json is blocked correctly (coming soon as a one-time check to pre-existing wikis)
      • Pre-existing wikis will not see this first-run wizard - a new firstrun_complete setting has been added that's automatically set to true if Pepperminty Wiki does a settings upgrade
    • Default to allowing lossless flac and ogg audio files to be uploaded
    • Added new minify_pageindex setting, which defaults to true and causes the page index to be minified when saved. Improves performance slightly (especially on larger wikis as the page index grows), but makes debugging and ninja-edits more awkward.
    • [Module API] Added new save_pageindex() function which respects the above setting.
    • Added PDF preview using your browser's default PDF viewer!
    • Added download button for unsupported file types

    🔄 Changed

    • Core sharding: split core.php into multiple files
    • Big update to the backend Markdown parser Parsedown
      • Use Parsedown's new untrusted feature for comments
      • Added new all_untrusted setting to allow treating everything as untrusted (default: false) - turn it on if your wiki allows anonymous edits
    • Switch to nightdocs instead of docpress (the official docs will update & change URL on the next stable release)
    • Add moar badges to the README & docs :D

    ✂ Removed

    🚚 Not often I have a removed section!

    • [Module API] Remove remote file system in favour of the new extra data system. No more first-run downloads! They are all done at compile-time now.