PineDocs is a fast, simple, lightweight tool for viewing files in a browser. Great for documentation, wiki, notes, etc.

Renders Markdown, HTML, code, images, GIFs, SVG, audio and small videos.

No database required.

Programming language: PHP
License: GNU General Public License v3.0 only
Tags: Markdown     Documentation     Docs     Wiki     Wikis     Static Site Generators    
Latest version: v1.2.1

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A fast and lightweight site for viewing files.

Great for documentation, wiki, examples, notes, documents, galleries, storage, etc.

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Pinedocs Screenshot See more screenshots at https://imgur.com/a/15Gq67X


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  • No database.
  • No building.
  • Fast - using ajax and cache.
  • Supports Markdown, plaintext, HTML, code, images, SVG, GIFs, audio and small videos. Basically anything you can render in a browser.
  • Responsive layouts and different color schemes (see screenshots here)
  • Syntax highlighting for over 169 languages with over 77 themes.
  • Configuration (see below).
  • Quick filtering in files.
  • Use your existing files or existing git repos as content.
  • Files are cached client-side after first view, so it loads instantly.
  • Hidden folders - only accessible via direct links.
  • Remembers scroll position per page.

Read-Only Site

PineDocs is read-only, meaning you can only view files and not edit them via PineDocs. This is not a wiki replacement with user login, revisions etc. This is basically a simple site that renders everything in your content dir. So you need to edit the files on your server/PC in order to change the content.



Docker is the easiest way to setup PineDocs.


version: '3'

    image: xy2z/pinedocs:1.2.3
      - 3000:80
      - ./data:/data/pinedocs

After running docker-compose up -d you can change the config in ./data/config/config.yaml, and add your files (or git clone your repository) in the ./data/files dir.

Changes will take affect when you reload the page - no need to restart the container.


Altough docker-compose is recommended, you can also use pure Docker:

docker run -itd -v "$PWD"/data:/data/pinedocs -p 3000:80 xy2z/pinedocs

See more at https://hub.docker.com/r/xy2z/pinedocs/

Manual Setup


  • PHP 8.0 (mininum required php version is PHP 7.2.5)
  • Composer for dependencies.
  • A web server (apache2, nginx, etc.)

Setup guide

  1. Download the latest release or run git clone
  2. Run composer install in the root to get dependencies.
  3. Setup the web server to the PineDocs/public dir (use php -S localhost:89 -t public for testing)
  4. (Optional) Rename the file config/config-example.yaml to config/config.yaml for changing settings (see below)


Feel free to edit the config/config.yaml file to fit your needs.


  • title (string) The title of the site, used in logo, tabs and bookmarks.

  • content_dir (string) Path to the dir you want to use. Default is the PineDocs/content/ dir.

  • index (string) Relative path to the index file. Default is array of index.md, index.html, index.txt, index.

  • layout (string) Available layouts: default, wiki.

  • color_scheme (string) Available color schemes: pinedocs, simplistic, simplistic-dark, twilight.

  • highlight_theme (string) The theme to use for code. See a list at https://highlightjs.org/static/demo/

  • code_transparent_bg (bool) If true, all will use the highlight theme. If false, the background will be transparent.

  • open_dirs (int|string) The number of levels of dirs that should be opnened on page load. Use all to open all dirs.

  • render_footer (bool) Render the menu footer?

  • exclude_files (array) List of files or dirs to exclude. Supports regex if the format is /regex/i.

  • show_file_extension (bool) Show file extensions. Default is true.

  • menu_link_format (string) Values: default, ucfirst, ucwords, uppercase, lowercase.

  • render_max_file_size (float) Max file size (in MB) to render. If file is larger, a download link will be shown. Default is 50.

  • font_family (string) The font used for menu and content. Default is Tahoma.

  • font_size (string) The font size in menu and content. Default is 15px.

  • no_extension_markdown (bool) Render files with no extension as markdown, eg README. Default true.

  • break_code_blocks (bool) Break code blocks in multiple lines instead of horizontally scrolling. Default false.

  • hide_folders_in_navigation (array) A list of folders to hide from frontend navigation. Case-insensitive. Default is none.



*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the PineDocs README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.