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  • v1.0.2 Changes

    • [Fix] Settings for correct permission of shoutbox files
    • [Fix] Broken probe function in some shells
    • [Fix] Issues with Python scripts on some plattforms
    • 🛠 [Fix] Fixes in installation script
    • [Fix] Distribute files did not work with folder containing whitespaces
    • 🛠 [Fix] Fixed CSS issue with the shoutbox
  • v1.0.1 Changes

    • 🛠 [Fix] Fixed setting permissions of shoutbox datafile
    • [New] Service File for RPi image
    • ✏️ [Fix] Several typos in scripts
    • [Fix] Typo in front page and directory listing
    • [Fix] in while restoring date&time
    • ⏪ [Fix] [OpenWRT] Timesave create bootup restore
    • [Fix] [OpenWRT] Fix for not working "already installed" recognition to skip parts
    • [Fix] [OpenWRT] Fix for errors during installing piratebox-mod-imageboard because of duplicate links
    • [Fix] [OpenWRT] Fix for LED flashing during auto install (box-installer on image)
    • 📦 [Fix] [OpenWRT] Fix error messages on package reinstall. (extendRoot)
    • [Fix] No dublicates symlink after double "part2" via
    • 🚚 [New] Remove # in front of secret & password to force user to change it before using the board
    • 💻 [Fix] Button padding in UI
    • [Fix] Board Link out of nested Shared folder
    • 🌐 [Fix] Russian Translation in Droopy
    • [Fix] ReDistribute DirectoryListing files upon initialization on first Startup
    • [Fix] [OpenWRT] Fixing customization of lease-file location for OpenWRT
    • 🛠 [Fix] [OpenWRT] Fixes issues when extendRoot couldn't get initilized correctly
    • ⚡️ [New] [OpenWRT] Optimized handling of mount options in extendRoot
    • [Fix] [RPi] Bootup issue with some USB-wifi sticks.
    • [Fix] Prevent XSS in
  • v1.0.0 Changes

    📦 NOTE: This may only be a partial changelog, check github / your package manager for more info.

    • 📱 Overwork into new Responsive design
      • New Frontpage
      • Directory Listing in design
        • Configuration in lighttpd.conf
      • During startup README.txt & HEADER.txt get copied into /opt/piratebox/share/Shared folder -> Exisiting files won't be overwritten! -> Scripts can be used in console with overwrite parameter do distribute your own files
    • [New] install method
      • [New] install dependencies
      • [Fixed] General cleaning
      • [Removed] [Testing] Executable, we will stick to service based
    • 🛠 [Fixed] Overwritten saved timestamp with 1970 one
    • [New] possibility in to exchange the hostname easily
    • 🚚 [New] Moved DHCP leasefile into memory on OpenWRT system (/tmp is memory)
    • [Fix] Timesave script does not contain parts for OpenWRT anymore
    • 🔧 [Fix] Timesave-file location is now configured in piratebox.conf
    • [Fix] Fix in Changing hostname functionality
    • [New] Hostname changing generates the redirect.html now based on a Schema file
    • [New] Added JSON Mime-Type
    • [Fix] Enable unescaped blanks in Upload-Folder
    • [Fix] iOS 7 captive Portal fix
    • 🔧 [New] Sample configuration for UPnP Server
  • v0.6.G Changes

    • 🛠 [Fixed] Hide dot files in directory-listing which are usually hidden files
    • [New] Image file is ext4 and 50MB
    • 🛠 [Fix] Fixed captive Portal detection for iOS7