PostHog v1.29.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2021-10-21 // 8 months ago
    • Explore and deep dive with Paths. We fully revamped our Paths feature to help you explore the actions your users are taking. From jumping from a conversion drop-off in a funnel to identifying Paths ending in a desired action, you will be able to fully understand the paths of your users. We're introducing a lot of additional features such as: select up to 20 steps, fined-grained controls on what paths to show, and grouping paths through wildcards.
    • ✅ Multivariate support in feature flags. You will now be able to create feature flags with multiple variants to allow for more comprehensive testing and feature releasing.
    • Private projects. Extra concerns on privacy or compliance? Private projects now lets you have projects to which only certain members of your team have access.
    • 🚦 Trailing DAU/WAU/MAU graphs. If you're interested in better measuring your user engagement DAU/WAU, WAU/MAU & DAU/MAU ratios can provide great signals.
    • 🛠 Plus 350+ improvements and fixes, read more in the PostHog Array: