Scoold v1.37.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-02-17 // about 2 months ago
  • 🚀 1de4fe2 Release v1.37.1.
    🛠 0968545 fixed a bug in the questions query which leads to no results on the main page, closes #152

Previous changes from v1.37.0

  • 🚀 d16d684 Release v1.37.0.
    ⚡️ caa0f72 updated Para client to 1.35.0
    bbdf9bc added new option to change the default language globally para.default_language_code
    🛠 ce38f41 fixed errors reported by sonar
    00ff254 added editing capability to about, terms and privacy pages
    ⚡️ 2af5bd8 updated Spring Boot to 2.2.4
    0️⃣ fa37b35 disabled feedback page by default
    426991f added option to customize footer in transactional emails
    🛠 f4d7956 fixed not all users shown when editing spaces
    🛠 3c02e8e fixed pagination macros
    03a69ac renamed controller methods
    🚚 ee85066 removed async timeouts and file size limits for error-free data imports
    cca2708 added backup and restore feature to the admins page
    0ae2b75 added option para.favicon_url for customizing the favicon image
    🛠 af31b12 fixed styling of user boxes
    ♻️ a6ca2e0 refactored code for sending new post notifications
    🛠 3a6b27e fixed pagination limit for some queries
    965bb0a added button to clear avatar, reverting it to default
    🌐 b507334 added translations for new strings
    da167fe added extended sorting and filtering capabilities, closes #149
    🛠 f034f92 fixed a CSP violation on error pages
    d819965 added para.inline_css option for fine tuning CSS rules
    dd73bfd improved sorting of basic queries, ability to reverse order when sort buttons are clicked again
    🌐 cd27e42 fixed bulk edit spaces link missing translation
    🛠 9649024 fixed question objects should be initialized with an empty list of tags
    🛠 a65c5ee fixed a possible NPE when editing questions, introduced in a previous commit
    🛠 eb801d4 fixed styling of numeric pagination buttons
    1a02b77 added numeric pagination with option para.numeric_pagination_enabled = true, closes #147
    🛠 eacd78c fixed comment character counter and error messages, fixes #146
    🚚 43afbff removed the translate page and controller, code cleanup
    🛠 fae0339 fixed language progress indicators not initialized properly on startup, fixes #148
    0️⃣ c80aac6 fixed default space couldn't be selected; fixed query syntax error
    🛠 cc18ab8 fixed bug in admin controller where users deleted by admins were not fully deleted
    35b44ba added notifications for favorite tags (follow tags feature), closes #145
    🛠 3ccd8b0 fixed getAvatar() method not closing resource properly
    🛠 c54dcf1 fixed hidden image upload button, added ability to edit the location of a question
    ⚡️ d558c3c fixed user coordinates not updated when profile location is set