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  • v1.37.1

    February 17, 2020

    🚀 1de4fe2 Release v1.37.1.
    🛠 0968545 fixed a bug in the questions query which leads to no results on the main page, closes #152

  • v1.37.0

    February 16, 2020

    🚀 d16d684 Release v1.37.0.
    ⚡️ caa0f72 updated Para client to 1.35.0
    bbdf9bc added new option to change the default language globally para.default_language_code
    🛠 ce38f41 fixed errors reported by sonar
    00ff254 added editing capability to about, terms and privacy pages
    ⚡️ 2af5bd8 updated Spring Boot to 2.2.4
    0️⃣ fa37b35 disabled feedback page by default
    426991f added option to customize footer in transactional emails
    🛠 f4d7956 fixed not all users shown when editing spaces
    🛠 3c02e8e fixed pagination macros
    03a69ac renamed controller methods
    🚚 ee85066 removed async timeouts and file size limits for error-free data imports
    cca2708 added backup and restore feature to the admins page
    0ae2b75 added option para.favicon_url for customizing the favicon image
    🛠 af31b12 fixed styling of user boxes
    ♻️ a6ca2e0 refactored code for sending new post notifications
    🛠 3a6b27e fixed pagination limit for some queries
    965bb0a added button to clear avatar, reverting it to default
    🌐 b507334 added translations for new strings
    da167fe added extended sorting and filtering capabilities, closes #149
    🛠 f034f92 fixed a CSP violation on error pages
    d819965 added para.inline_css option for fine tuning CSS rules
    dd73bfd improved sorting of basic queries, ability to reverse order when sort buttons are clicked again
    🌐 cd27e42 fixed bulk edit spaces link missing translation
    🛠 9649024 fixed question objects should be initialized with an empty list of tags
    🛠 a65c5ee fixed a possible NPE when editing questions, introduced in a previous commit
    🛠 eb801d4 fixed styling of numeric pagination buttons
    1a02b77 added numeric pagination with option para.numeric_pagination_enabled = true, closes #147
    🛠 eacd78c fixed comment character counter and error messages, fixes #146
    🚚 43afbff removed the translate page and controller, code cleanup
    🛠 fae0339 fixed language progress indicators not initialized properly on startup, fixes #148
    0️⃣ c80aac6 fixed default space couldn't be selected; fixed query syntax error
    🛠 cc18ab8 fixed bug in admin controller where users deleted by admins were not fully deleted
    35b44ba added notifications for favorite tags (follow tags feature), closes #145
    🛠 3ccd8b0 fixed getAvatar() method not closing resource properly
    🛠 c54dcf1 fixed hidden image upload button, added ability to edit the location of a question
    ⚡️ d558c3c fixed user coordinates not updated when profile location is set

  • v1.36.2

    January 24, 2020

    🚀 87122a0 Release v1.36.2.
    ⚡️ 8b0f6cc updated Para to 1.34.3
    c78c283 added tag rename feature, closes #144
    🛠 4609c40 fixed query syntax error when user has no spaces
    🛠 d504149 fixed admin link not shown on the mobile layout
    1eb9921 added comment about devtools in pom.xml

  • v1.36.1

    January 02, 2020

    🚀 0c57534 Release v1.36.1.
    6ec34dd added log warning when user login is denied
    🛠 2f520f2 fixed a bug preventing the creation of questions introduced a previous commit
    0️⃣ c9bfd1a added default tag for new questions, closes #143
    🛠 4380c73 fixed #142

  • v1.36.0

    December 19, 2019

    🚀 44a1318 Release v1.36.0.
    ⚡️ 8208120 updated Spring Boot to 2.2.2
    ⚡️ e15c03b updated Para client to 1.34.2
    🛠 4905c6c fixed styling
    7479379 added external CSS URLs to CSP header
    🛠 1c13413 fixed avatar pic CSS
    6bf43bd minor fix in macro template
    ⚡️ 60cc310 updated docker-compose.yml
    677de56 added options to customize welcome emails, closes #137
    🛠 91985be fixed #138, could not post questions with empty body
    🛠 44caae8 fixed a bug where comment length limit couldn't be modified
    130f39e added new language strings
    🛠 4064210 fixed profile picture broken when containing embedded data:
    ⚡️ 0ad709b fixed small logical bug which could prevent avatars from being updated
    a53adc6 added option to use LDAP username as name, closes #133
    🛠 6659006 fixed a possible NPE when assigning spaces to user

  • v1.35.3

    November 18, 2019

    🚀 5e85693 Release v1.35.3.
    ⚡️ 25ea541 fixed NPE when updating profile settings
    🌲 fcdc8fe added option to enable SMTP debug logging more easily
    ⚡️ 74e7dfc updated Spring Boot to 2.1.9
    🔀 9aea74a Merge pull request #131 from lameducks/pr/fix-request-url-for-globals.js
    c3ea248 Fix request URL for globals.js when using CDN

  • v1.35.2

    October 09, 2019

    🚀 bad5a24 Release v1.35.2.
    🛠 a34cd1f fixed some mention links not rendered properly
    68ccbb2 added option to anonymize your profile, closes Erudika/scoold-pro#7
    🛠 55b6707 fixed checkboxes not selected when user selected while editing spaces in bulk
    🛠 4a3decc fixed favorite tags cannot be cleared in the settings page, closes Erudika/scoold-pro#18
    6e67ec1 improved tags filter, related to Erudika/scoold-pro#17
    🛠 d1cecbc fixed bug when listing tagged questions in a space, closes Erudika/scoold-pro#17
    🌐 0800312 fixed German translation strings for reports, closes Erudika/scoold-pro#16

  • v1.35.1

    October 01, 2019

    🚀 39f2ae3 Release v1.35.1.
    ⚡️ dce02a2 updated Para to 1.34.1
    ♻️ 287fc27 minor refactoring - moved 2 methods to HttpUtils
    🛠 79a6e2f fixed form inputs in signin.vm
    🛠 1b83b8e fixed space permissions wrong preventing access to profile page

  • v1.35.0

    September 22, 2019

    🚀 198fba5 Release v1.35.0.
    🛠 8e7431f fixed lots of broken links when serving Scoold under a custom context path
    c1a7c9a added 2 configuration parameters for votes - expires_after_sec and locked_after_sec
    ⚡️ f67735c updated Para to 1.34.0
    5af0e8f reduced code duplication
    🚚 e9d15ba removed comma from postviews cookie
    b04540e added avatar image validation and fallback handling
    17609bc added Apache HttpClient to pom.xml
    ⚡️ b8df8b8 updated avatar image
    a0059a6 added fonts locally
    👍 b21bd53 added support for two additional generic OAuth 2.0 identity providers
    🛠 4748e82 fixed error when editing spaces in bulk without selecting any users
    🚚 da76f26 removed static variable Config.AUTH_COOKIE
    5b9f348 added auth_cookie property to app.json
    🛠 cc9458b fixed app_name property
    🔧 c4b6020 Revert "fixed app_name configuration parameter not picked up on Heroku"
    2586a17 added a new aggregate category 'all spaces', closes #127
    🔧 7f36a06 fixed app_name configuration parameter not picked up on Heroku
    0️⃣ dc7017a disabled email verification by default when not in production

  • v1.34.0

    September 11, 2019

    🚀 088a609 Release v1.34.0.
    🛠 70b69d8 fixed host_url parameter should work in any environment
    ⚡️ 966b8c6 updated Spring Boot to 2.1.8
    56983ae added ability to create tags containing dots and plus signs, closes Erudika/scoold-pro#15
    ⚡️ 14ce38d updated language files
    6651594 added unsubscribe method to ScooldUtils, called on delete()
    🛠 31ef78f fixed issues reported by sonar
    🚚 7948f9b removed session-based CSRF protection (in favor of SameSite=Lax), time tokens to make Scoold stateless
    🛠 03f6239 fixed #125 in FeedbackController as well
    🛠 b9149f2 fixed Erudika/scoold-pro#10, allow regular users to subscribe to new questions
    0️⃣ c357fae fixed near me (geolocation) feature should not be enabled by default as it requires a valid Google Maps API key
    ♻️ 5fb93e1 refactor base.vm to load local assets, instead of using CDNs
    🛠 5702a05 fixed Erudika/scoold-pro#12, allow Markdown in comments
    ⚡️ f6707db updated
    🛠 a2a5f09 fixed #125
    0️⃣ 0d51109 added default value for the app_name config parameter
    🛠 fc8f7b7 fixed last activity label on question page