TeslaMate v1.24.2 Release Notes

Release Date: 2021-09-29 // 28 days ago
  • 👌 Improvements and Bug Fixes

    • Discard stale data originating from the Tesla Streaming API
    • Broadcast offline state via MQTT when car goes offline while driving


Previous changes from v1.24.0

  • 👌 Improvements and Bug Fixes

    • Tesla have once again made changes to the login: TeslaMate can now handle a delayed captcha that first appears after submitting the login form …
    • 🖐 Handle Tesla OwnerAPI errors returned by streaming API
    • Lay the groundwork for the ability to customize the displayed order of vehicles (#1904 by leewillis77)
      • The order can currently be customized by manually updating the display_priority column in the cars database table


    • Charging Stats: Use the full range of colors in the heatmap (#1821 by dyxyl)
    • Projected Range: Change right y-axis battery level range max from 200% to 100% (#1840 by toneus)
    • Timeline: Fix for missing drives and add links to the Action column (1818 and #1872 by DrMichael)
    • Charge Level: Fix diagram glitch (#1936 by DrMichael)

    🌐 Translations

    • ➕ Add Japanese translation (#1909 by kuma)

    📚 Documentation

    • ➕ Add a note about RAM needed after having issues, also a small clarification on where to place the .env file in the advanced guide (#1857 by billerby)
    • Add note with custom TM_DB_USER when backing up (#1931 by kyleawayan)
    • ⚡️ Advanced installation with Traefik: Update Grafana rule to limit to TeslaMate host (#1937 by benoitm974)