Anahita v4.4.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-10-02 // almost 3 years ago
  • 🛠 1. fixed: code for mail message rendering 0️⃣ 2. fixed: default person access is public 🚚 3. changed: removed isRegistrationOpen in person controller canRead

    1. changed: improved signup controller 🛠 5. fixed: location entity description which was preventing it to create a new record. 🛠 6. fixed: issue with photos multiple uploader which was always setting access value to public 🍱 7. fixed: issue with storage folder always being set to assets 👍 8. added: support for AWS S3 regions ⚡️ 9. changed: updated 3slib.php library
    2. changed: using ssl = true at all times with AWS s3 🛠 11. fixed: attribute validation in domain entities. 🛠 12. fixed: attribute length (min/max) validation. ⚡️ 13. changed: updated attribute validations in all entities. ⚡️ 14. changed: updated form fields to follow the string length limits.
    3. changed: applied search term length char limit to 100.
    4. changed: in location component we now have 2 API keys. One for the geolocation and other for the map and places.
    5. changed: tags now store inheritance identifiers correctly in the database.
    6. changed: renamed hashtagable to hashtaggable everywhere
    7. changed: the base class tag node identifier is now included in the type field of hashtags, locations, or any tags extending the tag node.
    8. changed: tag node (hashtag, location) json response now contains list of taggables with pagination
    9. added: fake total number for the stories to save on the query operation.
    10. added: owner field to the story json object