39 Project Management software solutions and projects

  • Gogs

    9.9 9.1 Go
    A painless self-hosted Git Service written in Go.
  • Gitea

    9.8 9.9 Go
    A community managed fork of Gogs, lightweight code hosting solution.
  • Phabricator

    9.6 9.1 L3 PHP
    Collection of web applications that help build better software.
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  • Gitolite

    9.2 3.2 Perl
    Gitolite allows you to setup git hosting on a central server, with fine-grained access control and many more powerful features.
  • gitbucket

    9.2 8.5 Scala
    The easily installable GitHub clone powered by Scala
  • Redmine

    9.0 9.6 L2 Ruby
    Redmine is a flexible project management web application.
  • Taiga

    8.8 8.4 L2 Python
    Agile Project Management Tool based on the Kanban and Scrum methods.
  • OpenProject

    8.7 10.0 L3 Ruby
    Project collaboration.
  • Octobox

    8.1 9.0 Ruby
    Take back control of your GitHub Notifications.
  • Gitlist

    8.0 1.2 CSS
    A web-based git repository browser
  • Gitblit

    7.7 6.4 L1 Java
    A pure Java stack for managing, viewing, and serving Git repositories.
  • Bonobo Git Server

    7.4 1.4 L3 C#
    Set up your own self hosted git server on IIS for Windows. Manage users and have full control over your repositories with a nice user friendly graphical interface.
  • goodwork

    7.0 8.9 PHP
    Self hosted project management and collaboration tool powered by Laravel & VueJS
  • Tuleap

    6.0 10.0 PHP
    Tuleap is a libre suite to plan, track, code and collaborate on software projects.
  • Gitprep

    5.9 0.0 L3 Perl
    Portable Github clone.
  • ZenTao

    5.8 9.9 PHP
    An agile
  • Git WebUI

    5.5 0.0 JavaScript
    A standalone web based user interface for git repositories.
  • The Bug Genie

    5.4 3.1 L2 PHP
    The Bug Genie is a friendly project management and issue tracking tool
  • Leantime

    5.2 8.8 PHP
    Leantime is a lean project management system for small teams and startups helping to manage projects from ideation through delivery.
  • Klaus

    5.1 4.3 L3 Python
    A simple, easy-to-set-up Git web viewer that Just Works.
  • Trac

    5.0 8.1 L2 Python
    Written in python.
  • LeanLabs Kan

    5.0 0.0 L4 JavaScript
    Lean project management for GitLab
  • Lavagna

    4.9 6.1 L4 Java
    Lavagna is an open-source issue/project management tool designed for small teams. Lightweight, pure Java, easy to install, easy to use.
  • UVDesk

    4.8 7.3 PHP
    UVDesk community is a service oriented, event driven extensible opensource helpdesk system that can be used by your organization to provide efficient support to your clients effortlessly whichever way you imagine.
  • Phproject

    4.6 5.7 L3 PHP
    A high performance full-featured project management system.
  • CaseBox

    4.5 0.0 SQLPL
    Manage all your organisation's information in one system.
  • Apache Bloodhound

    3.4 0.0 L2 Python
    Manage software products, Keep track of features, tasks and bugs.
  • Titra

    2.8 7.0 JavaScript
    Time-tracking solution for freelancers and small teams.
  • Re:Backlogs

    2.5 6.1 Ruby
    Project management and collaboration tool powered by Ruby on Rails & VueJS.
  • Microgit

    1.3 7.8 Crystal
    Git hosting service made in Crystal and Lucky.
  • Lazylead

    1.3 9.1 Ruby
    Eliminate the annoying work within ticketing systems
  • Kallithea

    1.1 -
    Source code management system that supports two leading version control systems, Mercurial and Git, with a web interface.
  • GitLab

    - -
    Self Hosted Git Management Application
  • Fossil

    - -
    Distributed version control system featuring wiki and bug tracker
  • RhodeCode

    - -
    RhodeCode is an open source platform for software development teams. It unifies and simplifies repository management for Git, Subversion, and Mercurial.
  • ProjeQtOr

    - -
    A complete, mature, multi-user project management system with extensive functionality for all phases of a project.
  • sorcia

    - -
    Sorcia is a minimalist web frontend for Git repositories with fine-grained user access controls, multiple themes to choose based on your taste and many more.
  • Pagure

    - -
    A lightweight, powerful, and flexible git-centric forge with features laying the foundation for federated and decentralized development.
  • SCM Manager

    - -
    The easiest way to share and manage your Git, Mercurial and Subversion repositories over http.

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