Programming language: Ruby
License: MIT License
Tags: Project Management     Software Development    
Latest version: v1.1.0

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Re:Backlogs is an Open Source project management tool. It aims to be simple and easy to use Backlogs.




About this project

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What is Backlog(s)

The basic philosophy is based on redmine_backlogs. There are several terms related to Backlogs.

  • Backlogs
    • A place to store stories
    • Story will be added without being bound by existing Sprint.
  • Sprints
    • Basic unit that digests a story within a set period. Generally, it is separated by 2 weeks.
    • Add Story to Sprint from Backlogs and plan
  • Story
    • Represents the specific granularity to accomplish something
    • When using for software development, it is basic to write in the form of “can do”
    • For example, if you add a login function to a web application and implement a function that allows you to add comments, create the following story
      • Log in to the application
      • You can add comments as a logged-in user
  • Task
    • 1 Create multiple items in Story.
    • Here are the specific tasks to complete the story
    • For example, the following tasks can be considered to complete the above-mentioned story of “Login to application”.
      • Implementation
      • Code Review & Feedback
      • Testing

"Re:" Meaning

The original meaning of Re: means “reply” in email, It also includes the meaning of again, which is part of the prefix re-. I hope that the project management using Backlogs will spread again.


Use docker-compose.yml

git clone https://github.com/kaishuu0123/rebacklogs

docker-compose up -d


kaishuu0123 is Japanese, but just started learning English.

You can write issues and PRs in English or Japanese.

If you want to add a large feature, etc., it will be smooth if you create issue first and then discussion. Even if a big PR is suddenly thrown, it may be rejected at the concept stage.

Development instructions


  • Ruby
  • bundler
  • Node.js
  • yarn


bundle install --path=vendor/bundle
yarn install

bundle exec rails db:create db:migrate

Run Re:Backlogs

# another window

# main window
bin/rails s

Development motivation

There are several.

  • Of course I want to create easy-to-use Backlogs
  • Aim to provide comprehensive OSS including document sites
  • I want to make my portfolio
    • To reflect the know-how accumulated so far in Re:Backlogs
  • I want to create a not SPA service using webpacker
    • Use an existing session mechanism that does not use JWT, and prepare an environment for developing modern front ends.


  • MIT
  • see LICENSE file

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the Re:Backlogs README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.