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  • v1.6.19 Changes

    December 04, 2019


      • Catch PHP 7.4 deprecation messages and report them in debugbar instead of throwing fatal error ๐Ÿ›  1.
      • Fixed fatal error when calling {{ grav.undefined }}
      • Fixed multiple issues when there are no pages in the site
      • PHP 7.4 fix for #2750
  • v1.6.18 Changes

    December 02, 2019


    ๐Ÿ›  1. * PHP 7.4 fix in Pages::buildSort() * Updated vendor libraries for PHP 7.4 fixes in Twig and other libraries * Fixed fatal error when $page->id() is null #2731 * Fixed cache conflicts on pages with no set id * Fix rewrite rule for for lighttpd default config #721

  • v1.6.17 Changes

    November 07, 2019


      • Added working ETag (304 Not Modified) support based on the final rendered HTML
      • Safer file handling + customizable null char replacement in CsvFormatter::decode()
      • Change of Behavior: Inflector::hyphenize will now automatically trim dashes at beginning and end of a string.
      • Change in Behavior for Folder::all() so no longer fails if trying to copy non-existent dot file #2581
      • renamed composer test-plugins script to phpstan-plugins to be more explicit #2637 ๐Ÿ›  1.
      • Fixed PHP 7.1 bug in FlexMedia
      • Fix cache image generation when using cropResize #2639
      • Fix array_merge() exception with non-array page header metadata #2701
  • v1.6.16 Changes

    September 19, 2019


    ๐Ÿ›  1. * Fixed Flex user creation if file storage is being used #2444 * Fixed Badly encoded JSON data warning when uploading files #2663

  • v1.6.15 Changes

    August 20, 2019


      • Improved robots.txt #2632 ๐Ÿ›  1.
      • Fixed broken markdown Twig tag #2635
      • Force Symfony 4.2 in Grav 1.6 to remove a bunch of deprecated messages
  • v1.6.14 Changes

    August 18, 2019


    ๐Ÿ›  1. * Actually include fix for system\router.php #2627

  • v1.6.13 Changes

    August 16, 2019


    ๐Ÿ›  1. * Regression fix for system\router.php #2627

  • v1.6.12 Changes

    August 14, 2019


      • Added support for custom FormFlash save locations
      • Added a new Utils::arrayLower() method for lowercasing arrays
      • Support new GRAV_BASEDIR environment variable #2541
      • Allow users to override plugin handler priorities #2165
      • Use new Utils::getSupportedPageTypes() to enforce html,htm at the front of the list #2531
      • Updated vendor libraries
      • Markdown filter is now page-aware so that it works with modular references admin#1731
      • Check of GRAV_USER_INSTANCE constant is already defined #2621 ๐Ÿ›  1.
      • Fixed some potential issues when $grav['user'] is not set
      • Fixed error when calling Media::add($name, null)
      • Fixed url() returning wrong path if using stream with grav root path in it, eg: user-data://shop when Grav is in /shop
      • Fixed url() not returning a path to non-existing file (user-data://shop => /user/data/shop) if it is set to fail gracefully
      • Fixed url() returning false on unknown streams, such as, they should be treated as external URL
      • Fixed Flex User to have permissions to save and delete his own user
      • Fixed new Flex User creation not being possible because of username could not be given
      • Fixed fatal error 'Expiration date must be an integer, a DateInterval or null, "double" given' #2529
      • Fixed non-existing Flex object having a bad media folder
      • Fixed collections using [email protected]: should allow modular pages if requested
      • Fixed an error when trying to delete a file from non-existing Flex Object
      • Fixed FlexObject::exists() failing sometimes just after the object has been saved
      • Fixed CSV formatter not encoding strings with " and , properly
      • Fixed var order in Validation.php #2610
  • v1.6.11 Changes

    June 21, 2019


      • Added FormTrait::getAllFlashes() method to get all the available form flash objects for the form
      • Added creation and update timestamps to FormFlash objects
      • Added FormFlashInterface, changed constructor to take $config array ๐Ÿ›  1.
      • Fixed error in ImageMedium::url() if the image cache folder does not exist
      • Fixed empty form flash name after file upload or form state update
      • Fixed a bug in Route::withParam() method
      • Fixed issue with FormFlash objects when there is no session initialized
  • v1.6.10 Changes

    June 14, 2019


      • Added page blueprints to YamlLinter CLI and Admin reports
      • Removed Gitter and Slack #2502
      • Optimizations for Plugin/Theme loading
      • Generalized markdown classes so they can be used outside of Page scope with a custom Excerpts class instance
      • Change minimal port number to 0 (unix socket) #2452 ๐Ÿ›  1.
      • Force question to install demo content in theme update #2493
      • Fixed GPM errors from blueprints not being logged #2505
      • Don't error when IP is invalid #2507
      • Fixed regression with bin/plugin not listing the plugins available (1c725c0)
      • Fixed bitwise operator in TwigExtension::exifFunc() #2518
      • Fixed issue with lang prefix incorrectly identifying as admin #2511
      • Fixed issue with U0ils::pathPrefixedBYLanguageCode() and trailing slash #2510
      • Fixed regresssion issue of Utils::Url() not returning false on failure. Added new optional fail_gracefully 3rd attribute to return string that caused failure #2524