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  • v3.56.v Changes

    December 09, 2020
    1. Chat export will have modal window dedicated to chat's export with subject and messages types inclusion. 📚 2. FB and Twilio extension has new documentation for easier understanding how to install. 👷 3. Sandbox error for serviceWorker will be ignored. Edge case devices handling.
    2. You can have notifications for active chats which get's alert icon assigned 📄 5. You can now manual init widget JS and all it's dependencies
    3. Notifications won't be shown if you have many pending chats and change sort
    4. If storing message fails we should show visitor what happened. So he can try again
    5. We should also keep his last message attempt
    6. Reduced number of renders checks in widget 🐎 10. Translations performance/cache improvements 🌐 11. You can override now also english translations -
    7. If sending message from a new widget fails we will show now message for a visitor.
  • v3.55.v

    December 04, 2020
  • v3.54.v Changes

    November 26, 2020

    ⚡️ 1. Update angular version and disable debug output. ⚡️ 2. Anyone who is using NodeJS extension will have to update it also.

    1. Now you can manually choose what alert icons to exclude from dashboard lists.
    2. "Check for conditions to proceed" now have option to continue execution even if conditions are matched.
    3. "Check for conditions to proceed" can access any attribute through {<any_attr>} E.g chat message {args.msg.msg}.
    4. Alert icon now can have custom text as tooltip.
  • v3.53.v Changes

    November 23, 2020
    1. Inactive chats for logged operator and active chats for logged operator stats in departments widget.
    2. Live helper chat will work perfectly fine on devices where cookies, session storage and popups are disabled.
    3. Popup refocus did not worked from react app.
    4. Previous messages will be shown also for proactive invitation.
    5. Pending chats wait time was calculated from start chat time, but in case bot transfer after some time it should be based on time since chat become pending.
    6. Departments stats will be ordered by active chats number instead of pending one.
  • v3.52.v Changes

    November 19, 2020

    💻 1. Support for a browser with cookie, sessionStorage support.

    1. Inactive chats statistic. This change was needed because auto assigned can exclude inactive chats. In that scenario statistic is misleading. 🔧 3. Offline form now can be without an e-mail field. So you can configure it to be with e-mail either phone.
  • v3.51.v Changes

    November 18, 2020
    1. Departments statistic widget will have a new columns.
      1.1 Bot chats - number of active bot chats
      1.2 Load column - hard limit - active chats (soft limit - active chats)
      Hard limit - is the sum of max chats value of logged operators who were active during last 5 minutes
      Active chats - number of active chats in department or department group
      Soft limit - is the sum of max chats of operators who were active during last 10 minutes.
      1.3 Group chats list in departments statistic widget
    2. If you have php-resque extension running. Departments statistic will be calculate in the background.
    3. Changed background color of chat tab/left chat.
    4. Rest API to fetch chat information
    5. Check is audio is available on device. 🐎 6. Separate backend and frontend scripts. Performance improvement. 🔧 7. Frontend errors tracking in audit log. category - js, source - lhc. It has to be enabled in audit configuration. 📄 8. Option to tell LHC are we running under proxy. Avoids faking IP address.
    6. If archived chat group chat table does not exists. Ignore.
    7. Bot changes to handle previous process #1579 🛠 11. Typing until bot response fixes for a new widget.
  • v3.50.v Changes

    November 17, 2020
    1. Login history.
      1.2 You can force user to reset password on first login.
      1.3 You can limit how many attempts operator has before his account is disabled.
    2. Dark theme improvements. ⚡️ 3. You can set chat subject directly from bot. "Update current chat" -> "Set subject" command.
    3. "Alert icon" response type. It will allow to add custom icon to a bot chat list. So you can quickly take over bot chat.
    4. And many other changes.
  • v3.49.v Changes

    October 21, 2020
    1. Now operators can have chat between themself directly in the chat.
    2. Once clicking on a chat tab you can copy URL and chat will be opened.
    3. Possibility to copy link to chat directly from chat window. Copy link action near the chat ID.
    4. Dashboard icon from I icon was changed to home icon to match Dashboard icon.
    5. HTML Element from bot will be rendered for an admin.
    6. Blocking capability by IP or Nick or Nick and Department
    7. Department archive attribute. These departments won't be shown in dashboard and in user account will be placed under Show archived button action.
    8. Quote menu action for the right mouse click in messages area.
    9. Widget was not showing error in case it was an error not related to a field.

    ⚡️ execute doc/update_db/update_222.sql for update

  • v3.48.v

    October 16, 2020
  • v3.47.v Changes

    October 15, 2020
    1. You can access now any argument in Rest API call. Usefull in webhooks.
    2. Webhooks
    3. Widget icons were not loading if PC already had Material Icons font. Thanks @AKapaceb 📄 4. New chrome cookie policy support for chrome extension
    4. Files will not be send as soon operator uploads them, we will add BBCode to them.
    5. New arguments for custom status icon position.

    ⚡️ execute doc/update_db/update_220.sql for update