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Programming language: PHP
License: CNRI Python Open Source GPL Compatible License Agreement
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Latest version: v3.56.v

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Live helper chat

It's an open-source powered application, which brings simplicity and usability in one place. With live helper chat you can bring live support on your site for free. http://livehelperchat.com.

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Quick development guide

  • After app is installed disable cache and enable debug output.
  • To compile JS from lhc_web folder execute. This will compile main JS and old widget javascript files.
    • npm install && gulp
  • To compile new widget V2
    • There is two apps wrapper and widget
    • cd lhc_web/design/defaulttheme/widget/wrapper && npm install && npm run build
    • cd lhc_web/design/defaulttheme/widget/react-app && npm install && npm run build && npm run build-ie
  • To recompile back office React APP (Left toolbar, Group Chat etc...)
    • cd lhc_web/design/defaulttheme/js/admin && npm run build
  • Recompile static JS/CSS files. This is required if you change core JS files. It also avoids missing CSS/JS files if more than one server is used.
    • php cron.php -s site_admin -c cron/util/generate_css -p 1 && gulp js-static
  • ORM - https://doc.livehelperchat.com/docs/development/orm
  • Common classes - https://doc.livehelperchat.com/docs/development/common-classes
  • To recompile everything at once
    • cd lhc_web/ && ./deploy.sh



Translations contribution


Folders structure

  • Directories content:
    • lhc_web - WEB application folder.


Few main features

  • Bot with possibility to integrate any third party AI
  • XMPP support for notifications about new chats. (IPhone, IPad, Android, Blackberry, GTalk etc...)
  • Chrome extension
  • Repeatable sound notifications
  • Work hours
  • See what user see with screenshot feature
  • Drag & Drop widgets, minimize/maximize widgets
  • Multiple chats same time
  • See what users are typing before they send a message
  • Multiple operators
  • Send delayed canned messages as it was real user typing
  • Chats archive
  • Priority queue
  • Chats statistic generation, top chats
  • Resume chat after user closed chat
  • All chats in single window with tabs interface, tabs are remembered before they are closed
  • Chat transcript print
  • Chat transcript send by mail
  • Site widget
  • Page embed mode for live support script or widget mode, or standard mode.
  • Multilanguage
  • Chats transfering
  • Departments
  • Files upload
  • Chat search
  • Automatic transfers between departments
  • Option to generate JS for different departments
  • Option to prefill form fields.
  • Option to add custom form fields. It can be either user variables or hidden fields. Usefull if you are integrating with third party system and want to pass user_id for example.
  • Cronjobs
  • Callbacks
  • Closed chat callback
  • Unanswered chat callback
  • Asynchronous status loading, not blocking site javascript.
  • XML, JSON export module
  • Option to send transcript to users e-mail
  • SMTP support
  • HTTPS support
  • No third parties cookies dependency
  • Previous users chats
  • Online users tracking, including geo detection
  • GEO detection using three different sources
  • Option to configure start chat fields
  • Sounds on pending chats and new messages
  • Google chrome notifications on pending messages.
  • Browser title blinking then there is pending message.
  • Option to limit pro active chat invitation messages based on pending chats.
  • Option to configure frequency for pro active chat invitation message. You can set after how many hours for the same user invitation message should be shown again.
  • Users blocking
  • Top performance with enabled cache
  • Windows, Linux and Mac native applications.
  • Advanced embed code generation with numerous options of includable code.
  • Template override system
  • Module override system
  • Support for custom extensions
  • Changeable footer and header content
  • Option to send messges to anonymous site visitors,
  • Canned messages
  • Informing then operator or user is typing.
  • Option to see what user is typing before he sends a message
  • Canned messages for desktop client
  • Voting module
  • FAQ module
  • Online users map
  • Pro active chat invitatio
  • Remember me functionality
  • Total pageviews tracking
  • Total pageviews including previous visits tracking
  • Visits tracking, how many times user has been on your page.
  • Time spent on site
  • Auto responder
  • BB Code support. Links recognition. Smiles and few other hidden features :)
  • First user visit tracking
  • Option for customers mute sounds
  • Option for operators mute messages sounds and new pending chat's sound.
  • Option to monitor online operators.
  • Option to have different pro active messages for different domains. This can be archieved using different identifiers.
  • Dekstop client supports HTTPS
  • Protection against spammers using advanced captcha technique without requiring users to enter any captcha code.
  • Option for operator set online or offline mode.
  • Desktop client for
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • Mac
  • Flexible permission system:
    • Roles
    • Groups
    • Users

Forum: http://forum.livehelperchat.com/