API Platform is a next-generation web framework designed to easily create API-first projects without compromising extensibility and flexibility: Design your own data model as plain old PHP classes or import an existing one from the Schema.org vocabulary ; Expose in minutes a hypermedia REST API with pagination, data validation, access control, relation embedding, filters and error handling... ; Benefit from Content Negotation: JSON-LD, Hydra, HAL, YAML, JSON, XML and CSV are supported out of the box ; Enjoy the beautiful automatically generated API documentation (Swagger/OpenAPI) ; Add a convenient Material Design adminitration interface built with React without writing a line of code ; Scaffold a fully functional Single-Page-Application built with React, Redux, React Router and Bootstrap thanks to the CRUD generator ; Install a development environment and deploy your project in production using Docker ; Easily add JSON Web Token or OAuth authentication ; Create specs and tests with a developer friendly API testing tool on top of Behat

Monthly Downloads: 55
Programming language: TypeScript
License: MIT License
Tags: Framework     Content Management Systems (CMS)     Software Development     Php     Symfony     API     JSON     JavaScript     react     API Management     rest     Docker     Swagger     Doctrine     JSON-LD     Hal     Hydra     Schema.org     Bundle     Hypermedia    
Latest version: v2.6.0-alpha.1

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API Platform is a next-generation web framework designed to easily create API-first projects without compromising extensibility and flexibility:

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The official project documentation is available on the API Platform website.

API Platform embraces open web standards and the Linked Data movement. Your API will automatically expose structured data. It means that your API Platform application is usable out of the box with technologies of the semantic web.

It also means that your SEO will be improved because Google leverages these formats.

Last but not least, the server component of API Platform is built on top of the Symfony framework, while client components leverage React (Vue.js flavors are also available). It means that you can:

  • Use thousands of Symfony bundles and React components with API Platform.
  • Integrate API Platform in any existing Symfony, React or Vue application.
  • Reuse all your Symfony and JavaScript skills, benefit of the incredible amount of documentation available.
  • Enjoy the popular Doctrine ORM (used by default, but fully optional: you can use the data provider you want, including but not limited to MongoDB and Elasticsearch)


Read the official "Getting Started" guide.


Created by Kévin Dunglas. Commercial support available at Les-Tilleuls.coop.