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Dnote is a lightweight personal knowledge base for programmers. The main design goal is to keep you focused by providing a way of swiftly capturing new information without having to switch environment. To that end, you can use Dnote as a command-line interface, browser extension, web client, or an IDE plugin.

It also offers a seamless multi-device sync, and automated spaced repetition to retain your memory. For more information, please see features.

[A demo of Dnote command line interface](assets/cli.gif "Dnote command line interface")

Get Started

The quickest way to try Dnote is to use the hosted version at https://app.getdnote.com

Alternatively, you can self-host a Dnote server by either using Docker or using a binary.

[Dnote web application running on various devices](assets/devices.png "Dnote web application running on various devices")

Dnote clients

You can use the following client programs to interact with Dnote:

For the installation guide, please see the download page.

What is a personal knowledge base?

A personal knowledge base is a tool used to capture the knowledge of an individual and retrieve it later.

Dnote is great for building a personal knowledge base because:

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