Programming language: Ruby
License: GNU Affero General Public License v3.0
Tags: Note-taking & Editors    

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Wreeto is an open source note-taking, knowledge management and wiki system built on top of Ruby on Rails framework.

Initially this was built because I didn't like the note-taking apps out there and I wanted something simple, structured and straightforward, with no bells and whistles.

Current stable version: v2.6.8

Latest version: master

Table of Contents

  1. Features
  2. Roadmap
  3. Requirements
  4. Installation
  5. Usage
  6. How can you help
  7. Screenshots
  8. License
  9. Professional edition

1. Features

  • Simple, minimal UI - less is more
  • Create unlimited notes with Markdown format
  • Categories
  • Tags (new!)
  • Projects (new!)
  • Attachments (new!)
  • Encrypted backups
  • List notes by Category or SubCategory
  • Favorite notes appear on the top of the notes list and sidebar
  • Authentication, authorization
  • Google oAuth integration
  • Search
  • Share notes in public with a secure link
  • Zip and download notes in markdown format
  • Import notes from external, zipped, text-only files
  • Responsive mobile web UI

2. Roadmap

  • Test everything, everywhere. More testing..
  • Improve UI inconsistencies
  • Upgrade to Rails v6
  • Note Templates
  • Encryption
  • Different Levels of security access for users
  • User access control
  • Dark mode
  • Quick notes that auto-expire
  • Export notes to PDF format
  • Cloud backups
  • Version tracking
  • Move UI to ReactJS
  • Mobile apps
  • A lot more ..

3. Requirements

  • Docker (optional)


  • Ruby 2.6.6
  • PostgreSQL 11
  • Redis 5.0.7

4. Installation

4.1 Set up your environment

Copy the .env.development.local to .env:

cp .env.development.local .env 

and set up your variables:

WREETO_HOST=localhost # your IP Address or domain 

4.2 Use docker

The easiest way to get started now is to use docker-compose and simply execute:

For running the latest version (might be unstable) use image: chrisvel/wreeto:master. Instead use the latest stable version as (example) image: chrisvel/wreeto:version-.

docker-compose up

If you decide to just copy the docker-compose.yml file in order to deploy it locally, you'll also need to create .env (instructions in 4.1) and docker-entrypoint.sh. Make sure to add execute permissions to it sudo chmod +x docker-entrypoint.sh.

In order to initialize the database and load the default account, you'll need to run:

docker-compose run app bundle exec rake db:drop db:migrate db:setup

4.3 Install locally

You will need to setup postgres, ruby, redis and their appropriate dependencies necessary by your O/S and environment.

As for every Rails project:

  • bundle install
  • bundle exec rake db:drop db:migrate db:setup
  • bundle exec rails s

Do not forget to create the .env file.

5. Usage

5.1 Default account

The default credentials are: username admin and password password.

5.2 Create a new account (rails console)

You can create another account from the Rails console by running bundle exec rails console or docker-compose run app bundle exec rails console and then

account = Account.create!
User.create!({username: 'admin', email: '[email protected]', password: 'password', confirmed_at: DateTime.now, account: account})

by changing the values as you wish, then exit.

5.3 Web UI

To access the web application with default settings (hostname/port) please go to


6. How can you help

There are several ways you can help with wreeto:

  1. Try wreeto and send your feedback, comments or suggestions.
  2. Clone the repo, develo and create a Pull Request
  3. Spread the word about wreeto to your friends and your community. This is the way the project breaths and grows.
  4. Sponsor me through Github sponsors or donate to Paypal: paypal.me/wreeto

7. Screenshots


Screenshot Running Command

Notes Inventory

Screenshot Running Command

Private Note View

Screenshot Running Command

Public Note View

Screenshot Running Command

Category Items

Screenshot Running Command

Create a new Note

Screenshot Running Command

Categories list

Screenshot Running Command

Wiki view

Screenshot Running Command


Screenshot Running Command

8. License

AGPLv3 License for the community version

9. Professional edition

There is a professional version and there is a pricing plan for this edition. Please check https://wreeto.com for more details (currently updating).

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the Wreeto README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.