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Run VS Code on any machine anywhere and access it in the browser.



  • Code on any device with a consistent development environment
  • Use cloud servers to speed up tests, compilations, downloads, and more
  • Preserve battery life when you're on the go; all intensive tasks run on your server


For a good experience, we recommend at least:

  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 2 cores

You can use whatever linux distribution floats your boat but in our [guide](./docs/guide.md) we assume Debian on Google Cloud.

Getting Started

There are three ways you can get started:

  1. Using the [install script](./install.sh), which automates most of the process. The script uses the system package manager (if possible)
  2. Manually installing code-server; see [Installation](./docs/install.md) for instructions applicable to most use cases
  3. Use our one-click buttons and guides to deploy code-server to a popular cloud provider โšก

If you choose to use the install script, you can preview what occurs during the install process:

curl -fsSL https://code-server.dev/install.sh | sh -s -- --dry-run

To install, run:

curl -fsSL https://code-server.dev/install.sh | sh

When done, the install script prints out instructions for running and starting code-server.

We also have an in-depth [setup and configuration](./docs/guide.md) guide.

code-server --link

We're working on a cloud platform that makes deploying and managing code-server easier. Consider running code-server with the beta flag --link if you don't want to worry about

  • TLS
  • Authentication
  • Port Forwarding
$ code-server --link
Proxying code-server, you can access your IDE at https://valmar-jon.cdr.co


See [./docs/FAQ.md](./docs/FAQ.md).

Want to help?

See [CONTRIBUTING](./docs/CONTRIBUTING.md) for details.


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