Programming language: Go
License: GNU General Public License v3.0 or later
Tags: Software Development     IDE/Tools    
Latest version: v4.2.0

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Docs • Contributing • Twitter Understand, fix, and automate across your codebase with Sourcegraph's code intelligence platform


4.0 Features

🧠 Code intelligence: uplevel your code search

  • Understand usage and search structure with high-level aggregations of search results
  • A faster, simpler search experience
  • Configure precise code navigation for 9 languages (Ruby, Rust, Go, Java, Scala, Kotlin, Python, TypeScript, JavaScript) in a matter of minutes with auto-indexing
  • Your favorite extensions are now available by default
  • Quickly access answers within your codebase with a revamped reference panel

🏗️ High-leverage ways to improve your entire codebase

  • Make changes across all of your codebase at enterprise scale with server-side Batch Changes (beta)
    • Run large-scale or resource-intensive batch changes without clogging your local machine
    • Run large batch changes quickly by distributing them across an autoscaled pool of compute instances
    • Get a better debugging experience with the streaming of logs directly into Sourcegraph.

☁️ Dedicated Sourcegraph Cloud instances for enterprise

  • Sourcegraph Cloud now offers dedicated, single-tenant instances of Sourcegraph

📈 Advanced admin capabilities

  • Save time upgrading to Sourcegraph 4.0 with multi-version upgrades
  • View usage and measure the value of our platform with new and enhanced in-product analytics
  • Uncover developer time saved using Browser and IDE extensions
  • Easily export traces using OpenTelemetry
  • Quickly see the status on your repository and permissions syncing
  • Measure precise code navigation coverage with an enhanced analytics dashboard

Deploy Sourcegraph



Local machine


Refer to the Developing Sourcegraph guide to get started.


The doc directory has additional documentation for developing and understanding Sourcegraph:

  • [Project FAQ](./doc/admin/faq.md)
  • [Architecture](./doc/dev/background-information/architecture/index.md): high-level architecture
  • [Database setup](./doc/dev/background-information/postgresql.md): database best practices
  • [Go style guide](./doc/dev/background-information/languages/go.md)
  • Documentation style guide
  • [GraphQL API](./doc/api/graphql/index.md): useful tips when modifying the GraphQL API
  • [Contributing](./CONTRIBUTING.md)


This repository contains both OSS-licensed and non-OSS-licensed files. We maintain one repository rather than two separate repositories mainly for development convenience.

All files in the enterprise and client/web/src/enterprise fall under [LICENSE.enterprise](LICENSE.enterprise).

The remaining files fall under the [Apache 2 license](LICENSE.apache). Sourcegraph OSS is built only from the Apache-licensed files in this repository.

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the sourcegraph README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.