Programming language: PHP
License: GNU General Public License v3.0 only
Tags: Framework     Laravel     File Sharing and Synchronization     Distributed filesystems     Single-click/drag-n-drop upload     Coquelicot    
Latest version: v1.0

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Files Sharing

Powered by Laravel


This PHP application based on Laravel 5.4 allows to share files like Wetransfer. You may install it on your own server. It does not require any database system, it works with JSON files into the storage folder. It is multilingual and comes with english and french translations for now. You're welcome to help translating the app.

It comes with a droplet. You may drag and drop some files or directories into the droplet, your files will be uploaded to the server as a bundle.

A bundle is like a package containing is a various number of files. The bundle has a 2 weeks expiry date after the creation of the bundle. This value is not editable yet, this is a todo.

This application provides three links per upload bundle :

Each of these links comes with an authorization code. This code is the same for the preview and the download links. However it is different for the deletion link for obvious reasons.

The application also comes with a Laravel Artisan command as a background task who will physically remove expired bundle files of the storage disk. This command is configured to run every five minutes among the Laravel scheduled commands.

Sorry about the design, I'm not very good at this, you're welcome to help and participate.


  • upload one or more files via drag and drop or via browsing your computer
  • creation of a bundle
  • ability to keep adding files to the bundle until you close your browser tab, the preview link remain untouched
  • bundle expiration after 2 weeks
  • sharing link with bundle content preview
  • ability to download a single file of the bundle or the entire bundle
  • direct download link (doesn't preview the bundle content)
  • deletion link for bundle owner
  • garbage collector which removes the expired bundles as a background task
  • multilingual (EN and FR)
  • easy installation, no database required
  • upload limitation based on client IP filtering
  • secured by tokens, authentication codes and non-publicly-accessible files
  • (very) early stage for theming support


Basically, nothing more than Laravel itself:

  • PHP >= 5.6.4
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • XML PHP Extension


  • JSON PHP Extension (included in PHP 5.2+)
  • ZipArchive PHP Extension (included in PHP 5.3+)

The application also uses:


  • configure your domain name. For example: files.yourdomain.com
  • clone the repo or download the sources into the webroot folder
  • configure your webserver to point your domain name to the public/ folder
  • run a composer install
  • run a npm install --production
  • make sure that the PHP process has write permission on the ./storage folder
  • generate the Laravel KEY: php artisan key:generate
  • start the Laravel scheduler (it will delete expired bundles of the storage). For example * * * * * php /path-to-your-project/artisan schedule:run >> /dev/null 2>&1

Use your browser to navigate to your domain name (example: files.yourdomain.com) and that's it.


In order to configure your application, copy the .env.example file into .env. Then edit the .env file.

Configuration  Description
APP_ENV     change this to production when in production (local otherwise)
APP_DEBUG change this to false when in production (true otherwise)
TIMEZONE change this to your current timezone
LOCALE  change this to "fr" or "en"
STORAGE_PATH  (optional) changes this wherever you want to store the files. When missing, using the storage folder at the root of the application
UPLOAD_MAX_FILES (optional) maximal number of files per bundle
UPLOAD_MAX_FILESIZE  (optional) change this to the value you want (K, M, G, T, ...). Attention : you must configure your PHP settings too (post_max_size, upload_max_filesize and memory_limit). When missing, using PHP lowest configuration
UPLOAD_LIMIT_IPS  (optional) a comma separated list of IPs from which you may upload files. Different formats are supported : Full IP address (, Wildcard format (192.168.10.*), CIDR Format (192.168.10/24 or or Start-end IP ( When missing, filtering is disabled.
APP_NAME the title of the application


If your want to modify the sources, you can use the Laravel Mix features:

  • configure your domain name. For example: files.yourdomain.com
  • clone the repo or download the sources into the webroot folder
  • configure your webserver to point your domain name to the public/ folder
  • run a composer install
  • run a npm install
  • run a npm run watch in order to recompile the assets when changed

Roadmap / Ideas / Improvements

There are many ideas to come. You are welcome to participate.

  • ability to define a bundle name and/or description that will be shown to the recipients
  • make the expiry date editable per bundle
  • limit upload permission by a password (or passwords)
  • disable bundle after X downloads (value to be configurable by the bundle owner)
  • ability to send link to recipients directly from the app
  • add PHP unit testing
  • more testing on heavy files
  • customizable / white labeling (logo, name, terms of service, footer ...)
  • responsiveness (is it really useful?)



Permissions Conditions Limitations
Commercial use Disclose source Liability
Distribution License and copyright notice Warranty
Modification Same license
Patent use State changes
Private use 


Welcome on board

If you are willing to participate or if you just want to talk with me : [email protected]

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the Files Sharing README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.