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Programming language: TypeScript
License: MIT License
Tags: File Sharing and Synchronization     Distributed filesystems     Single-click/drag-n-drop upload     Coquelicot    
Latest version: v4.2.0

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What is Share?

Simple yet advanced NodeJS, MongoDB and Express based uploader. Allows users to upload files,images, and text with moderation tools for admins. Plus users can see uploads for there account and simple remove ones. Admins can view all and remove ones that don't follow the rules. Can be used for friends and family or just for you. Built for ShareX at the moment but more uploaders will be supported.

Note version 5.0.0 is going to be the biggest update yet with a lot of improvements in both speed and stability. But might require a complete restart of uploads to be able to move but don't worry you can use either sharex to reupload all uploads and or our drag and drop system. If any of this changes I will let you all know.

Getting started


You can now download the release here

You can also fork,clone,download from github for pre release builds and development.

  • Clone the repo: git clone https://github.com/MrDemonWolf/share.git
  • [Fork, Clone, or Download on GitHub](/)


Before installing, download and install Node.js.

If your a user then please read the setup guide here.

If you want to help out development, check out our Contributing docs.

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Share now has a officially has a CLI tool for both Linux and Windows. (Linux may work on macOS) Check out the project here


Check the changelogs here


Have a bug or an issue with this app? Open a new issue here on GitHub.


Want to contribute? Check out our Code of Conduct and Contributing docs. Please check issues here


$ npm run test


$ npm run lint


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