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(This repo has now been put in read-only mode. No further work will continue on the open source version. It’s been increasingly difficult to keep the open source version up with the managed version at mailintel.io suet.co. Instead of the divided attention between both versions, all focus will now be on the managed version. If you need to setup your own version of Suet or build anything off SES/Mailgun analytics, this source is still a good place to start)

Suet is an analytics dashboard and reporting tool for transactional emails through Mailgun or SES. It gives better insight into the performance of your transactional emails by providing answers to questions like:

  • Who received what email? Which ones were opened? What links were clicked? (Screenshot)
  • What’s user engagement like? (Screenshot)
  • What device/platform are most used? (Screenshot)
  • Which email performed best? (Screenshot)
  • Which email bounced or was complained about?



  • Engagement overview Sent count, daily interactions, top items? Get a general overview of your mails' performance.
  • Get notifications on Slack Connect Slack and get failure, bounce and complaint notifications.
  • Deliveries, opens and clicks Track deliveries, opens, clicks and uniques across mails and recipients.
  • Live feed Get events from your mails as they happen. You can further filter based on the different event types.
  • View emails See exactly what is sent to users. What does the delivered mail look like? What details were missing?
  • View links Get summary of all clicks on all links. Know who clicked, when and on what mail.
  • Recipients and activity View recipient journey from delivery to open and clicks. Know who opened and clicked on what.
  • Bring your team Invite other members of your team to your analytics dashboard


The easiest way to use Suet is through the managed version at mailintel.io (costs as low as $10/month). An alternative option is to set up Suet on your own server. To do this, check out the installation instructions.

Staying up to date

Follow @mailintel on Twitter.


~You can submit an issue at github.com/suetco/suet/issues. If you require email support, you will need to purchase a licence (costs $70/year).~


Copyright (c) 2017 - present, Opeyemi Obembe. Released under the GPLv3 license.

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the Suet README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.