Tellery helps data teams organize ad-hoc analyses and narrate them in one place.

Tellery brings all of your words and data into one flexible surface:

* Anomalies investigation * Feature-specific analysis * Campaign-oriented dashboard * Or customize your deliverable for your own needs

Tellery allows you abstract essential business logic, and reference it in future analysis. You can define a model grasping the nuances of datasets to make your exploratory analysis organizable. Tellery uses SQL to model data, so you can easily consolidate it in dbt.

Programming language: TypeScript
License: Apache License 2.0
Tags: Analytics     Database     Dashboard     Self-hosted     Visualization     Data Warehouse     Notebook    

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Tellery lets you build metrics using SQL and bring them to your team. Metrics are defined consistently and constantly updated, no longer scattered across tools, and recreated with no oversight.


  • Let business users get answers in just a few clicks. No longer communicate in tables and columns.
  • Build beautiful documents & dashboards visually with drag-and-drop ease
  • An editor with rich text styling features, slash commands, and markdown support
  • A modern SQL editor with multi-tabs and auto-complete
  • Model your data with just SQL and reference like CTEs
  • Review work and collaborate in real-time with multiplayer
  • Import dbt models and sources and inspect their metadata while editing SQL

Supported databases


Tellery Product Usage Recording

Getting started

Try demo

Try this online demo where you can click around and see Tellery in action - no installation required!

Run the demo project with docker

Open your terminal, and run:

# Clone the Tellery repo
git clone https://github.com/tellery/tellery.git

# Change directories into the demo directory
cd tellery/deploy/compose

# View or edit config file (optional)
# vim .env

# Run docker compose
docker-compose up

You can now access it on http://localhost:8000.

The default account is [email protected] and password is tellery.

Production setup

Next step

Learn how to start analysis with Tellery:

Community support

  • Looking to get answers to questions? Join the chat on Discord
  • Want to report a bug or request a feature? Open an issue.
  • Read all the latest news on Twitter


Contributions of any kind welcome! If you’re looking for ways to get started, here's a list of ways to help us improve Tellery:

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