35 Photo and Video Galleries software solutions and projects

  • PhotoPrism

    9.3 9.9 Go
    Personal photo management powered by Go and Google TensorFlow. Browse, organize, and share your personal photo collection, using the latest technologies to automatically tag and find pictures.
  • Photoview

    4.2 9.1 Go
    A simple and user-friendly Photo Gallery for personal servers. It is made for photographers and aims to provide an easy and fast way to navigate directories, with thousands of high resolution photos.
  • Scout APM uses tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code so you know the exact line of code causing performance issues and can get back to building a great product faster.
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  • Piwigo

    6.7 8.9 L2 PHP
    Photo gallery software for the web, built by an active community of users and developers.
  • Zenphoto

    4.5 0.0 L2 PHP
    Open-source gallery and CMS project.
  • sigal

    5.6 7.4 L4 JavaScript
    Yet another simple static gallery generator.
  • PiGallery 2

    4.6 7.8 TypeScript
    A directory-first photo gallery website, with a rich UI, optimised for running on low resource servers.
  • Photonix

    4.8 9.0 Python
    A new web-based photo management application with object recognition, location awareness, color analysis and other ML algorithms.
  • Photo Stream

    7.0 3.4 HTML
    Minimalist self-hosted photo stream.
  • Chevereto Free

    7.2 5.6 L2 PHP
    A powerful and fast image hosting script that allows you to create your very own full featured image hosting website in just minutes.
  • Fussel

    2.0 5.9 Python
    Fussel is a static photo gallery generator. Easily generate a reactive gallery and host the optimized static folder of assets.
  • Coppermine

    2.5 0.0 L1 PHP
    Multilingual photo gallery that integrates with various bulletin boards. Includes upload approval and password protected albumns.
  • Quru Image Server

    2.1 2.3 Python
    High performance dynamically resizing image server offering directory based access control cropping, rotation, color management and other tools.
  • Lychee

    8.7 0.0 L4 PHP
    An open source grid and album based photo-management-system.
  • Pygmyfoto

    1.3 0.0 L2 PHP
    A crude solution for publishing a photo roll on the web.
  • Shot.io

    2.3 0.0 JavaScript
    Mobile optimised photo publishing platform
  • MinigalNano

    3.4 0.0 JavaScript
    MinigalNano is a very simple image gallery. It adheres to the KISS principle and is very easy to install. MinigalNano does not have a web admin interface: You just upload your images in the photo folder on your server
  • UberGallery

    3.9 0.0 PHP
    UberGallery is an easy to use, simple to manage, web photo gallery. UberGallery does not require a database and supports JPEG, GIF and PNG file types. Simply upload your images and UberGallery will automatically generate thumbnails and output HTML.
  • Photofloat

    1.1 0.0 JavaScript
    A Web 2.0 Photo Gallery Done Right via Static JSON & Dynamic Javascript.
  • Chevereto 2.X

    3.2 0.0 L3 PHP
    Open source one-click image hosting script.
  • Gallery CSS

    6.6 0.0 CSS
    Gallery.css is all CSS. Think: Simple, maintainable and understandable galleries without the use of Javascript.
  • Photato

    3.0 0.0 L2 Java
    A self-hosted photo gallery, accessible through a responsive WebUI. Directly uses and indexes a specific folder in the filesystem.
  • Gallery

    5.4 0.0 L3 PHP
    The simplest, most intuitive way to host your photos on your website.
  • OwnPhotos

    7.5 0.0 Jupyter Notebook
    Self hosted wannabe Google Photos clone, with a slight focus on cool graphs.
  • MediaDrop

    6.2 0.8 L4 Python
    A video, audio and podcast publication platform.
  • CumulusClips

    1.3 0.0 L5 PHP
    Your own video sharing website with CumulusClips video sharing script. You can build a YouTube clone where users can upload, rate, comment on videos, and much more.
  • PhotoLight

    1.6 0.0 PHP
    The easiest photo gallery there is.
  • Photoshow

    5.3 0.0 L1 PHP
    Responsive Web Gallery.
  • phog

    2.2 0.0 L2 JavaScript
    Static photo gallery generator with S3 uploader.
  • Plumi

    3.4 0.0 L4 Python
    Create your own sophisticated video-sharing site.
  • ImageStore

    4.2 9.1 TypeScript
    Self-hosted Google Photos alternative, with a very similar UI.
  • Koken

    Content management and web site publishing for photographers.
  • Mediagoblin

    A Free software media publishing platform that anyone can run. You can think of it as a decentralized alternative to Flickr, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc.
  • Videobin

    A simple video upload and sharing service with transcoding.
  • Damselfly

    - -
    Server-based Digital Asset Management with workflow similar to Picasa.
  • LibrePhotos

    7.0 9.0 Python
    Self hosted wannabe Google Photos clone, with a slight focus on cool graphs.

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