Chevereto enables to create a media sharing website on your own server. It's your hosting and your rules, say goodbye to closures and restrictions.

Chevereto is a turnkey system which main use case is to provide a self-hosted platform for content creators, communities and businesses. It's features are all about media sharing, with a strong focus on user experience, privacy and security. On its pro edition Chevereto excels as a content management system with heavy business related features that you won't get on other systems.

Programming language: PHP
License: GNU Affero General Public License v3.0
Tags: Images     Image Hosting     Self-hosted     Video     Photo and Video Galleries     Multimedia     Photo     Gallery    

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Chevereto V5

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Chevereto is a self-hosted multipurpose multi-user, full-featured media sharing solution. It can be used to create a myriad of applications or to empower existing systems, all around the concept of users sharing media content.

In a nutshell, Chevereto is:

  • 👨🏾‍💻 An indie developed mature project
  • ❤ A large Community
  • 🔌 Extensible, configurable and pluggable
  • ⚖ Open Source Software

Technical Overview

This is the repository for the Chevereto V5 application project skeleton, which orchestrates the whole thing. In Chevereto, API provides all the I/O for user instructions which are driven by the application. The administration for the user application content is provided by API Admin.

On the Peafowl and Dashboard are the default web clients for API and API Admin. The concept of "default" is very important here because Chevereto is built to be plugged to any given interface, is not limited to just the defaults, and hopefully it will get many cool user interfaces.

Chevereto also provides an OAuth2 server supporting third-party login providers, which handles account access, sessions and credentials. That way, Chevereto API-client users connect to the same login experience regardless of the user interface being used. In this context, the given user interface appears to the user as an application authorized to the account.


Developers (and those wanting to become) are welcome! Join our Discord channel for more into this.

❤ You can also donate to support my work. I thank very much all my [donors](DONORS.md).


Development of this software is a life project that has consumed many years of my time. I don't work for any company, I'm not backed by anyone else except users of this software.


Chevereto began in 2007 as a self-hosted alternative to ImageShack. It started as one-click image hosting and here we are.

Major Releases

Version Release Licensing (release) Licensing (actual)
V1 2009-02-26 MIT License MIT License
V2 2011-06-15 Proprietary MIT License
V3 2014-04-05 Proprietary Proprietary (*)
V4 2021-09-XX Proprietary --
V5 202X-XX-XX AGPLv3 --


Monetizing Chevereto aims for an indie-based development under a distributed business and a myriad of side-activities.


You are welcome and encouraged to monetize your Chevereto installation to cover the system costs or if you want to run a business with this.


Copyright Rodolfo Berrios A. Chevereto is licensed under the [MIT license](LICENSE).

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the Chevereto README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.