Programming language: Scala
License: GNU General Public License v3.0 or later
Tags: Games    
Latest version: v1.112

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A web-app for conducting a quiz, including a page for players to enter their answers.


[screenshot](screenshot.png "Screenshot")

Installation from release

Installation with Docker

  • Run the following command:
docker run nymanjens/quizmaster:latest bin/server
  • Browse to http://<ip_address>:9000


  • conf/application.conf:

    • play.i18n.langs: The client language, "en" and "nl" are supported
    • app.development.loadDummyData: If this is true: Start with 4 teams already configured (Team A, Team B, Team C, Team D)
  • conf/quiz/quiz-config.yml: Configure your quiz here (questions, choices, answers, images, ...)


How to set up

Follow these steps to host a quiz:

  • Make your own quiz by editing conf/quiz/quiz-config.yml. You can test your quiz by starting a local server with it (see the installation section above)
  • Host the server somewhere accessible to all players
  • During a quiz, share the link to your server with all players. You can go to the same page and unlock the master controls via the padlock icon (if you configured a masterSecret in quiz-config.yml). The important pages during the quiz:
    • The player's answer submission page: This is what players use to input their answers.
    • The quiz page: This is the screen to show to all players. It shows the questions, player scores and plays audio and video.
    • The master page: This is a screen only for the quizmaster. It allows you to score player answers and generally control the quiz flow.


  • Quiz navigation
    • left/right: Go to the previous/next step of the question
    • alt + left/right: Go to the previous/next question
    • alt + shift + left/right: Go to the previous/next round
  • Tools during question
    • spacebar: Pause and resume the timer
    • shift + r: Play the current audio/video file from the beginning
    • shift + =/-: Add/subtract 30 seconds from the current timer
    • alt + enter: Toggle enlarged image (if there is a visible image)
    • a: toggle the answer to be visible in the master view (http://localhost:9000/app/master)
  • Scoring
    • 1/2/3/.../0: Increase the score of team 1, 2, ..., 10 by one point
    • shift + 1/2/3/.../0: Decrease the score of team 1, 2, ..., 10 by one point