Code Quality Rank: L2
Programming language: PHP
License: GNU General Public License v3.0 or later
Tags: File Sharing and Synchronization     Distributed filesystems     Single-click/drag-n-drop upload    
Latest version: v2.3.b

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Official website : http://bozon.pw Roadmap page : http://roadmap.bozon.pw

Minimalist Drag & drop file sharing app

( http://demo.bozon.pw/ )

  • Install: just unzip on your server; no database/ php 5.2. Then go to index.php?p=admin page and create your login/pass.
  • Config: just change config.php file.
  • Upload a file: go to index.php?p=admin page, connect and then drop files in the dashed area... that's it !
  • Organize files & folders, share them, manage the shared access etc.

The share link is the file link in the admin's view (you can also access it by the button link on the file or the folder.)


Php 5 min, php5-gd, ZipArchive

used libraries

I used a few libs I made

  • auto_restrict : to easily lock access to a page and handle basic security features
  • auto_thumbs : a function to generate all the thumbnails
  • auto_dropzone : a lib that handles the drag and drop function only by including it in a script
  • Array2feed.php : a function used to convert an array into a RSS feed without committing suicide XD
  • "On-the-fly CSS Compression" (a personal modified version of https://gist.github.com/manastungare/2625128)


Support & donate

You can support us using paypal or bitcoin with this page: Donate Contribuir Faire un don


All Bozon code and all the personal libs used in it are distributed under AGPL: feel free to fork, adapt, distribute, comment etc but please, keep your fork free too ;-)


  • I want to add a user : There's a [New user] link in the admin's page top menu, click on it and put a login/pass
  • I want to remove a user : Click on the [Users list] link in the admin's page top menu, check the user(s) you want to remove and click on ok.
  • I've changed some config variables and nothing appends ! : that's not an issue; all variables are in the Session, so you need to restart chromium/firefox/opera etc to see the changes
  • can't see the icons / problems uploading / list refresh problem : take a look to access rights (folders / files)
  • I want to change my password : Use the change password function (top menu)
  • I forgot my password ! : just use your FTP client and delete «private/auto_restrict*.php» files, then try to login again and create a new login/pass.
  • I want to change the default language ! : see in config.php file you can set fr/en/es but you can also make your own traduction (see in lang.php)
  • I don't want a stolen link works anymore (but I don't want to delete the file/folder) ! : in links mode, click on the regen button (recycle icon) and the share link for this item will automatically change.
  • How to lock a share link with a password ? : click on the left menu, use the manage links button; then click on the lock icon on the file/folder and give a password. The file/folder will turn blue with a small lock meaning nobody can now use the share link without the password.
  • Yes, ok, but how to remove the password ? : just click on regen button, the id will be regenerated and the password will be destroyed (the share link will change)
  • What if I upload, create a folder or move an item with a name conflict ? : Don't worry, BoZoN will just rename the file to avoid overwriting.
  • How to create my own skin ? : just copy the default folder in templates/ and make the changes you want, then change the config.php ($default_theme='default';)
  • How to upload a complete folder with subfolders in one time ? : make a zip, upload it and use the convert icon (a folder) The uploaded zip will be unzipped on the server and all files and directory structure will be restored.

Special thanks

To Cyrille Borne [ https://github.com/cborne & http://www.cyrille-borne.com ]: without your comments, issues reporting and enhancement ideas this app would never have been so complete ;-)