Code Quality Rank: L4
Programming language: JavaScript
License: GNU Affero General Public License v3.0
Tags: File Sharing and Synchronization     Distributed filesystems     Single-click/drag-n-drop upload    
Latest version: v0.12.0

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What Lutim means?

It means Let's Upload That Image.

What does it do?

It stores images and allows you to see them, download them or share them on social networks. From version 0.5, the gif images can be displayed as animated gifs in Twitter, but you need an HTTPS server (Twitter requires that. Lutim detects if you have a HTTPS server and displays a static image twitter card if you don't);

Images are indefinitely stored unless you request that they will be deleted at first view or after 24 hours / one week / one month / one year.


Lutim is licensed under the terms of the AGPL. See the LICENSE file.

Official instance

You can see it working at https://lut.im.


Lutim's logo is an adaptation of Lutin by Godo, licensed under the terms of the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license.

Lutim's logo


The official wiki contains all you need to know about Lutim (installation, API, etc.). Go to https://framagit.org/luc/lutim/wikis/home or clone it:

git clone https://framagit.org/luc/lutim.wiki.git


Lutim does encryption on the server if asked to, but does not store the key.

The encryption is done on the server since Lutim is made to be usable even without javascript. If you want to add client-side encryption for javascript-enabled browsers, patches are welcome.


Lutim comes with English, French and Spanish languages. It will choose the language to display from the browser's settings.


See [AUTHORS.md](AUTHORS.md) file.


Please consider contributing, either by reporting issues or by helping the internationalization. And of course, code contribution are welcome!

The details on how to contribute are on the wiki.

Make a donation

You can make a donation to the author on Tipeee or on Liberapay.

Others projects dependencies

Lutim is written in Perl with the Mojolicious framework.

It uses:

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