Vue Storefront is a standalone PWA storefront for your eCommerce, possible to connect with any eCommerce backend (eg. Magento, Pimcore, Prestashop or Shopware) through the API.

Vue Storefront is and always will be in the open source. Anyone can use and support the project, we want it to be a tool for the improvement of the shopping experience. The project is in the production ready phase.

Programming language: TypeScript
License: MIT License
Tags: Software Development     E-commerce     ecommerce     Progressive Web Apps    
Latest version: v1.12.2

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Lightning-Fast Frontend Platform for Headless Commerce Vue Storefront is the most popular and most advanced Frontend Platform for eCommerce.


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Supported platforms

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The business challenges

Vue Storefront solves a set of key business challenges from the world of the shopping experience. Our goal is to provide the solution with:

  • ultrafast front-end for the store - with the PWA approach, we can now render the catalog of products within milliseconds;
  • endurance for traffic overloads on the store;
  • off-line shopping capabilities;
  • smooth shopping experience close to the user experience from the native mobile applications;
  • all-in-one front-end for desktop and mobile screens with no necessity for maintaining 3 or more applications for different touchpoints (web browser, Android, iOS, etc.).
  • rapid development without architecture limitations.

The headless architecture

Vue Storefront - Headless Architecture


If you like the ideas behind Vue Storefront and want to become a contributor - join our Discord server, check the list of the active issues or contact us directly via contributors(at)vuestorefront(dot)io.

If you have discovered a ๐Ÿœ or have feature suggestion, feel free to create an issue on Github.

Support us

Vue Storefront is and always will be Open Source, released under MIT Licence.

You can support us in various ways:

  • Contribute - this is how the Core Team is supporting the project!
  • Evangelize - tweet about us, take some speaking slot at a tech conference, etc.


Vue Storefront is a Community effort brought to You by our great Core Team and supported by the following companies.

See Vue Storefront partners directory

Vue Storefront source code is completely free and released under the MIT License.


*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the Vue Storefront README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.